Mendhar (Jammu And Kashmir) Assembly Constituency Elections


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Mendhar assembly consituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Mendhar Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Sex Party Votes Runner Up Sex Party Votes
2008 86 Mendhar GEN Sardar Rafiq Hussain Khan M JKN 29036 Javid Ahmed Rana M JKN 28294
2002 86 Mendhar GEN Javed Ahmad Rana M JKN 24530 Rafiq Hussain Khan M IND 16665
1996 86 Mendhar GEN Nisar Ahmed Khan M JKN 16716 Javed Ahmed Rana M IND 14256
1987 75 Mendhar (SC) Nisar Ahamed Khan M JKN 19820 Lal Mohd. Sabir M IND 16049
1983 75 Mendhar GEN Ragfiq Hussain Khan M JKN 17445 Mohd. Sadiq M INC 13926
1977 75 Mendhar GEN Rafiq Hissain Khan M IND 6556 Mohd. Sadiq M JKN 6479
1972 74 Mendhar GEN Choudhry Mohd. Aslam M INC 22094 Mohd Sayeed Beig M IND 10654
1967 74 Mendhar GEN M. Aslam M INC Uncontested
1962 19 Mendhar GEN Pir Jamat Ali Shah M NC Uncontested