Congress offers to look after Modi’s mother.

By in News on May 8, 2014

Congress offers to look after Modi's mother.
Congress leader Rashid Alvi made a sarcastic remark on Modi and said that he will look after Modi’s mother. Retaliating back, BJP said that it was a cheap attempt by the party to attack the leader of the opposite party.

Alvi said that Modi had mentioned earlier that his mother had worked in the neighboring houses to raise him and today she lives in a small room. Alvi added that he was surprised by that as Modi had earlier mentioned in the election papers that he has assets worth 1.25 crores. He sarcastically attacked Modi saying that he don’t know the reason why Modi couldn’t look after his mother even after this much amount of wealth.

Asking for permission from Modi, Alvi said that he would look after Modi’s mother even though he does not have wealth as compared to Mr.Narendra Modi.


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