Election Commission of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh was formed in 2000 after it was split from Madhya Pradesh. According to the 73rd and 74th Amendment of Constitution of India, every state in India should have an Election commission to carry out free and fair elections when needed. The State electoral Commission of Chhattisgarh takes care of the duties to conduct free and unbiased elections in the state. There are 27 districts in the state which comes under the State electoral Commission.

History of Chhattisgarh Election Commission

The State Electoral Commission of Chhattisgarh was formed after the state was formed on 1st November 2000.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Chhattisgarh

The current Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh is Sunil Kumar Kujur. He became the Chief Electoral Officer by replacing his batch mate Alok Shukla.

Appointed Officers of Chhattisgarh

The appointed officers are:

1. Mr. A. Champawat, Collector
2. Mr. R. Prasanna, Collector
3. Mr. C. R. Prasanna, Collector
4. Mr. S. V. Hassan, Collector
5. Mr. L. S. Kane, Collector
6. Mr. R. Kumar, Collector
7. Mr. R. P. S. Tyagi, Collector
8. Mr. T. C. Mahabar, Collector
9. Mr. M. Bansal, Collector
10. Mr. R. Kumar, Collector
11. Mr. T. Ramsingh, Collector
12. Mr. S. K. Pardesi, Collector
13. Mr. V. S. Dhubay, Collector
14. Mr. N. S. Mandavi, Collector
15. Mr. R. K. Tappa, Collector
16. Mr. H. K. Pahare, Collector
17. Ms. R. Sangeeta, Collector
18. Ms. A. Mangai, District Collector
19. Mr. K. C. Devsenapati, Collector
20. Mr. A. K. Tappa, Collector
21. Mr. B. C. Mishra, Collector
22. Mr. S. Baswabraju, Collector
23. Mr. A. K. Agarwal, Collector
24. Mr. B. Dayanand, Collector
25. Mr. Y. Kumar, Collector
26. Mr. A. K. Khalkho, Collector
27. Mr. M. K. Abdulhaq, Collector

Contact information and Address:

Chhattisgarh State Election Commission,
Mahanadi Khand,
Mantralaya, Raipur – 492001