Election Commission of Maharashtra

The State Election Commission of Maharashtra was formed in 1994 to conduct elections in the urban and rural areas of the state. The state of Maharashtra was formed by dividing the state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra. The guidelines of the Constitution of India are followed to conduct a fair and free trial in the state.

History of Maharashtra Election Commission

According to the amendments of the Constitution of India, it was decided that all the states in India should have an Election Commission to carry out a free and fair election across the state. Though this amendment came into existence in 1990, but it was applied in Maharashtra in 1994 and the Election Commission of Maharashtra was formed. Election Commission of Maharashtra is an independent body which is responsible for conducting a fair election process within the state.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Maharashtra

Smt. Neela Satyanarayana is currently the Chief Electoral Officer of Maharashtra. The term of Chief Electoral Officer is 6 years and the age of retirement is 65 years.

Officers Appointed By the Election Commission of Maharashtra:

The State Election Commission appoints officers to dutifully carry out its activities and various procedures.
The names of different officers appointed are as follows:
State Election Commissioner: Smt. Neela Satyanarayana
Secretary: Shri Sunil Porwal
Under Secretary: Shri D. M. Kaned
Asst. Commissioner: Shri A. T. Sanas
Dy. Secretary: Shri P. B. Dandekar
Asst. Commissioner: Smt. P. A. Shirsolkar
Dy. CEO: Smt. Dr. Dipti Patil
Desk Officer: Shri A. G. Jadhav
Desk Officer: Shri Sanjay Hendre
Desk Officer: Shri N. J. Wagle
Tahsildar: Aarti Saravade
Desk Officer: Smt. Manisha Rane
Desk Officer: Shri. V. D. Bhople
Accounts Officer: Shri. D. N. Mapuskar

Contact Information and address

Maharashtra Election Commission
First Floor, New Administrator Building
Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Madam Cama Road
Mumbai 400 032
Phone:022-22846720, 022-22045075
Fax:022-22846719, 022-22046909, 022-22846720
Email:[email protected]