Election Commission of Delhi

India is the largest democratic country of the world. It consists of 28 states and seven Union Territories with New Delhi as its capital. Following the 73rd and 74th Amendment of Constitution of India, Election Commissions were included in all the states of India.

History of Delhi Election Commission

The office of Chief electoral officer is set up in NCT of Delhi. It is responsible for conducting elections for the seventy Assembly constituencies in Delhi and for the seven Lok Sabha seats. Election Commission of Delhi operates with the help of staff that are appointed by MCD and Government of Delhi. The main duty of the Election Commission is to carry out the democratic process of conducting and supervising elections in the state and to make sure that elections are held with free and fair means.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Delhi

The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi is appointed by the Election Commission of India. His office consists of two other additional Chief Electoral Officers, Deputy Electoral Officer and five Election Officers. He has additional staff of nine District Election Officers, 36 Electoral Registration officers and a team of 70 Assistant Electoral Registration Officers. All the other officers who are linked with the election process are appointed by the Election Commission.

Appointed Officers of the Election Commission of Delhi


The Election Commission of Delhi has appointed several officers to carry out the electoral process. The list of Appointed Officers, Chief Electoral Office is as below.

1. Sh. Vijay Dev, IAS, Chief Electoral Officer
2. Sh. Shur Bir Singh, Special Chief Electoral Officer
3. Sh. Neeraj Bharti, Additional Chief Electoral Officer
4. Sh. Rajesh Goel, Joint Chief Electoral Officer
5. Sh. Arun Kumar Srivastava, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
6. Sh. B.K. Parchure, Election Officer (Admn. & Vig.)
7. Sh. B. K. Singh, Election Officer (Procurement & Issue)
8. Sh. S. K. Behera, Manager (IT)
9. Sh. D. S. Verma, Election Officer, RTI
10. Sh. Vijay Kumar, Election Officer (ER)
11. Sh. T Misao, Election Officer (P&S)/CT

State Election Commission of Delhi Address:

NCT of Delhi & UT Chandigarh
Nigam Bhawan, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006
Tel:011- 23977130
Email:[email protected]