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About the Bahujan Samaj Party

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is an important political party of India. It was formed by Kanshi Ram who belonged to the Dalit Community. The meaning of Bahujan is majority. It means that Bahujan Samaj Party is made for the people who belong to the majority community. Such a community is formed of people belonging to Scheduled castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and other Backward Classes. Mayawati became the President of the Party after Kanshi Ram. The party is mainly grounded in Uttar Pradesh due to the ill health of Kanshi Ram.

Party Symbol

The Symbol of the Bahujan Samaj Party is elephant which symbolizes strength of the majority of the people who belong to the lower class of the society. It symbolizes the fight of the people with upper caste people. Elephant here means fearless people with a lot of strength yet calm by nature.

List of Bahujan Samaj Party leaders

This is the list of the leaders who form the part of the party executive and also represent the party at the national level.

  • Mayawati: She is one of the important leaders of the party. She has worked hard to bring about the social and economic changes in the life of the people who belong to the lower and backward classes of the society.
  • Satish Chandra Mishra: He was a part of the cabinet of Mayawati government. By profession he is a lawyer. He was the member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Wakf and Parliamentary Forum on Youth.
  • Dr Suresh Mane: Dr Mane works for the welfare of the party workers. He is also the president of the Mumbai port SC, ST and OBC Employee’s Welfare association. The founder president of the Bahujan Municipal Kamgar union is Dr Suresh Mane.


Achievements of the Bahujan Samaj party

The main aim of the party was to bring changes in the life of the people who are left behind in the society like people belonging to the lower caste, disabled people, women and children.

  • They brought the Zamindari Kanoon so that farmers, labourers and women were benefitted.
  • They even helped the people who belonged to the lower caste and were following various professions like teachers, doctors, etc.
  • They even took steps to improve the infrastructure, made medical facilities better and improved law and order of the state.


Contact Details

Official Website of the Bahujan Samaj Party:
Delhi Office Address of the Bahujan Samaj:
Rakab Ganj Road,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi -110001.
Contact Numbers: (011) 23358219, 23356162, 23713257, 25690534