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About the Communist Party of India

Communist Party of India is one of the oldest parties in the country which follows the communist ideology. After the victory of Marxist revolution in Russia, people in India thought of accepting those ideologies for the betterment of the country. They worked for the betterment of the working class of the society. These young bloods met in Kanpur and formed the party in December 1925. The founding members of the party were Mohammad Siddique, M N Roy and his wife Evelyn Trent Roy, Abani Mukherjee and some others. They legally started working from 1942.

Party Symbol

The symbol of Communist Party of India is ears of corn with sickle. The symbol is depicted on a flag with red background. The symbol depicts the fight of common people like farmers, laborers, etc. It shows how farmers work hard in the field. They represent the poor people and the laborers of the country.

List of Communist party leaders

The list of CPI leaders is as follows :

  • A B Bardhan: A B Bardhan is one of the oldest party member from Nagpur. He was the comrade of the party for many years and came to the post of general secretary in 1996 after Inderjit Gupta.
  • S Sudhakar Reddy: S Sudhakar Reddy became the general secretary of the party after A B Bardhan in 2012. He has taken part in many important party struggles that took part in the country. He is an MP of Nalgonda constituency of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr. M Nara Singh: M Nara Singh is the current state secretary of CPI in Manipur state. He is a popular leader in the party.
  • Gurudas Dasgupta: Gurudas Gupta was the member of the joint parliamentary committee that was formed to investigate the 2G scam.
  • D Raja: A Raja is a Rajya Sabha member who has written many important books one being “The way Forward, Fight Against Unemployment”.

Achievements of CPI

Being a political party at national level, CPI has made significant achievements in the field of Indian politics.

  • CPI has organizations like All India Trade Union Congress, All Indian Youth Federation, an agricultural organization for peasants and farmers called All India Kisan Sabha and Bharatiya khet Mazdoor Union. It has started an organization for the well being of women called National Federation of Indian Women.
  • It is an important part of political parties in different states like it is the part of Left Front in Manipur and Tripura, is a part of Left Democratic Front in Kerala and part of Progressive Alliance in Tamil Nadu.
  • CPI has been the part of the Alliance government formed under UPA but has strongly expressed its views on different government policies. It even withdrew support as it was against some of the government policies. It has always worked for the working class of the society.


Contact Details

Official Website of CPI:
Head-Office Address of CPI: Ajoy Bhavan, 15, Indrajit Gupta Marg, New Delhi-110002
Contact Numbers
Phone: +91 11 23235546, +91 11 23235099, +91 11 23235058, +91 11 23237972
Fax : +91 11 23235543
Email id: [email protected]