Election Commission of Sikkim

State Election Commission is a body which is responsible to carry out election activities throughout the state. The Amendments of Constitution of India states that there should be an Election Commission in each and every state for the same purpose. The State Election Commission of Sikkim takes the responsibility to supervise and manage all the activities for preparing the electoral rolls for the governing bodies of the state.

History of Sikkim Election Commission

Sikkim was not added to the Indian peninsula after Independence. Later the Prime Minister of Sikkim pleaded the Indian Government to include Sikkim into the country. Following this, Indian army got control over Sikkim and added Sikkim to India in 1975 abolishing monarchy completely.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Sikkim

Shri. D Anandan is the Current Chief Election Commissioner of Sikkim. He is an IAS officer of the 2000 batch.
Appointed Officers for Election Commission of Sikkim and their contact numbers
Smt. R. Ongmu, IAS, Chief Secretary: 202315
Shri D. Anandan , IAS, CEO: 207855
Shri G. Jayachandran, PS to CEO: 207855
Shri L. P. Pandey, SCS, Special CEO: 203673
Shri M. N. Dhakal, Additional CEO: 203721
Shri Tashi Tsh. Bhutia, Joint Director: 205066
Shri Kishor Pradhan, Deputy CEO: 203660
Shri D. K. Chettri, Deputy Director: 203778
Mrs Prativa Gurung, Accounts Officer: 960987260
Shri. Ashim Tamang, Assistant Director: 203778
DEO/ ROs/ DEROs/ EROs and their office contacts
Shri A. K Singh, IAS, (East): 03592-202922
Shri Prabhakar, IAS, (South): 03595-263734
Shri C.P. Dhakal, SCS, (North): 03592-234856
Shri L.P. Chettri, SCS, (West): 03595-250888