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About the Communist Party of India Marxist

Communist Party of India (Marxist) is a national level party which is popularly called as CPM or CPIM. It believes in communist ideology. It is a party which believes in social equality and formation of a classless society. It is a party which works for the working class people and fights for their issues. By doing so it believes in having a government ruled by the working class. CPIM was formed from the party CPI. Many of the people in the party felt that party was supporting Congress wrongly over many issues. This led to the split and a new party was formed as CPIM . The party is mainly centered in three main states – Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura.

The party have a hierarchical structure with Politburo on the top taking all the decisions for the party. A person is taken to the party only after he learns the teachings of Lenin and Marx. The lowest rank given to any party member in the beginning is of Branch committee. P Sundarayya was the first General Secretary of the party. He was followed by EMS Nampoothiripad. The present General Secretary of the party is Prakash Karat. Basudev Acharia and Sitaram Yechury are the leaders of lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively.

Party Symbol

Farmers toil in the field the whole day but get less payment in return. They are exploited to a great extend. So the CPIM work for the betterment of the working class people. They stand to address the issues of the working class.The Symbol of the CPIM party that has been approved by the Election Commission of India is of sickle and hammer which are intersecting each other. The background of the flag is red in color. It depicts the working class people comprising of laborers, peasants and farmers who work in the field the whole day. They use sickle and hammer to cut crops and the symbol describes their hard work in the field.

List of executives of the CPIM party

The party leaders who represents the party at the national level are:

  • Prakash Karat: Prakash Karat became the PolitBuro member in 1992. He was the founder of the students wing called Student Federation of India.
  • Sitaram Yechury: Sitaram Yechury became the Politburo member in 1992. He represents CPIM in Rajya Sabha and became the Member of Parliament in 2005 from West Bengal.
  • Basudev Acharia: He was the All India Vice President of CITU, which is an organization working for the worker class people. He is an important member of Ministry of Industry.
  • Manik Sarkar: Manik Sarkar is considered as one of the honest chief ministers of India. He joined the party at a very early age.


Achievements of the Party

Being a party of national importance, it has made a significant contribution to the political scenario of the country.

  • The party has made its presence felt in states of Tripura and West Bengal by being the part of Left Front and in Kerala by being the Part of Left Democratic Front. The party ruled West Bengal for a period of 34 years. It is in power in Tripura under the governance of Manik Sarkar as CM and in Kerala it has got to power in every alternative term.
  • It has formed many organizations for the betterment of people like it has Centre of Indian Trade Unions for the labor wing, All India Kisan Sabha for the farmer wing, Students Federation of India for the students wing and Democratic Youth Federation of India for the youth wing. Each of the wing has contributed significantly to the life of working class.
  • It has also formed wing for the betterment of the women class of our country by forming All India Democratic Women’s Association. It organizes political rallies and street plays to bring awareness to the women class of our society.
  • CPIM was part of the UPA government but has raised voice against many policies of the government. It even withdrew support as it was not happy with the policies like India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act with US, introduction of FDI in the finance sector, etc.


Contact Details

Official Website of CPIM:
Address of CPIM: Central Committee,A.K. Gopalan Bhawan,
27-29, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, New Delhi 110 001.
Contact Numbers
PHONE: (91-11) 23344918, 23363692, 23747435/36
FAX : (91-11) 23747483
Email id: [email protected]