Election Commission of Rajasthan

Election Commission has been appointed with the aim of carrying out a free and fair election process throughout the country. It has been evident that Election Commission has been successful to carry out a number of elections in the country without any big issues. Following the 73rd and 74th Amendment of Constitution of India, Election Commissions were included in all the states of India. The State Election Commission of Rajasthan was formed in July 1994. It is responsible to carry out elections in the state.

History of Rajasthan Election Commission

The State Election Commission carries out the election process in the rural and urban areas of the state. Elections were conducted in the rural part of Rajasthan that comes under the Panchayat rule and in the urban areas coming under Municipal rule since 1960.

Rajasthan has stage level Panchayati Raj throughout the stage. It consist of 32 Zila Parishad at the District level, 237 Panchayat Samitis at the Block level and 9188 Panchayats at the Village level.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Rajasthan

The Chief Electoral Commissioner and Election Commissions are appointed by the President of India. The tenure of these officers is 6 years and the retirement age of these officers are 65. They enjoy equal rights to the Supreme Court Judge. He may be asked to leave his office if the two-third majority of the parliament votes against him on the ground of corruption or negligence of duty.

Officers Appointed by Election Commission of Rajasthan

The officers appointed by the Election Commission are enlisted below:
1. Shri Ashok Kumar Jain, Chief Electoral Officer
2. Shri P.C.Gupta, Jt. Chief Electoral Officer
3. Shri M.M.Tiwari, Chief Electoral Officer, Deputy CEO (IT)
4. Shri Vinod Kumar Pareek, Chief Electoral Officer, Deputy CEO
5. Shri Ashish Kumar Sharma, Assistant CEO (Store)
6. Shri. Har Govind Meena, Assistant CEO (Elections)
7. Shri Kirti Jain, Chief Accounts Officer

Contact information and Address:

Secretariat, Jaipur
Email:[email protected]
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