Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh

Under the provisions of the 73rd and 74th Amendment of Constitution of India, Election Commissions were included in all the states. The State Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for conducting and carrying out elections in the state. All the officers who assist the Chief Electoral Officer, together they are responsible to carry out the election process in all the constituencies within the state.

History of  Madhya Pradesh Election Commission

Madhya Pradesh was a part of central Provinces Legislative Council. After Independence, many parts were added and removed from it leading to the formation of the state called Madhya Pradesh. For the first time, elections were conducted under the guidance of Election Commission in 1957. Since then Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh has been conducting and regulating all the election process in the state.


Chief Electoral Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh

The current Chief Electoral Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh is Mr Jaideep Govind. He is responsible to carry out free and fair elections in the state. He tried to bring regulation in the expenses that are carried out by different political parties by bringing a limit of money that can be spent during the elections.


Officers appointed by Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh

The Election Commission of Madhya Pradesh has the following list of officers:
1. Shri Jaideep Govind, Chief Electoral Officer
2. Shri S.S. Bansal, Joint Chief Electoral Officer
3. Shri Sanjay Singh Baghel, O.S.D SVEEP
4. Smt Bharti Ogrey, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer and E-Roll and IT
5. Ms. Roohi Khan, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer
6. Shri R.N. Singh, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer
7. Shri Govind Lachwani, Assistant Chief Electoral Officer
8. Shri Rajesh Kumar Kaul, Section Officer Establishment and RTI Section-I
9. Shri L.K. Bijlani, Accounts Officer Account, Audit, Budget and Post Facto Section II
10. Shri Ram Dayal Malaviya, Coordination and Sec. Officer Account and Audit Section II
11. hri Hitendra Kumar Kaushik, Programmer Electoral Roll Section III
12. Shri Amit Abhishekh Shrivastava, System Analyst Conduct of Election Section IV
13. Shri Rajeev Jain, Programmer Section IVA
14. Shri Ismail Saify, Section Officer Section IVA

Contact information and Address:

17, Arera Hills, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh
Tel:0755-2550488, 2551282, 2571924
Email:[email protected]