Election Commission of Andhra Pradesh

The State Election Commission of Andhra Pradesh was established under the Articles 243-K and 243-ZA of the Constitution of India. The electoral processes of Panchayats and Municipals have been defined in these Articles. The Governor of Andhra Pradesh will appoint the Chief Electoral Commissioner of the state. He will be responsible to carry out unbiased and transparent elections in the state.

History of Andhra Pradesh Election commission

The first general elections were conducted in the year 1956. The elections for Panchayats and Municipalities were conducted in 1995.

Chief Electoral Commissioner of Andhra Pradesh

The present Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh is Ramakanth Reddy who cleared his IAS examination in 1973.

Officers Appointed by Election Commission of Andhra Pradesh

The officers bestowed with powers and assigned duties to work for the electoral process in the state of Andhra Pradesh are as follows:
1. P. Ramakanth Reddy, State Election Commissioner
2. Navin Mittal, Secretary
3. A.V.S. Satya Ramesh, Joint Secretary
4. P. Satyanarayana Reddy, Joint Director (Panchayat Raj)
5. Vishnu Prasad, Assistant Secretary & PIO
6. G.V. Sai Prasad, Assistant Secretary (Panchayat Raj)
7. G. Guru Murthy, Assistant Secretary (Municipal)