Notification for 12th assembly in Jammu and kashmirhas been issued In the wake of getting Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s compulsory approbation, the state law division has issued a notification for constituting the 12th legislative assembly. “In the wake of acquiring the compulsory support from the CM by fax from London, the law office has issued a notification for constituting the 12th state legislative assembly that supersedes the 11th legislative assembly which was booked to finish its term Jan 20, 2015,” a senior official of the state law division said. The notification was issued late on Tuesday.

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We Will Form The Next Kashmir Government On Our Own: PDP The People’s Democratic Party of Kashmir on Sunday said that it will be forming the next Government in Kashmir and not align with the BJP. The statement of the PDP members came after it was reported that the PDP will be forming an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party if it does not receive the majority 44 seats in the 87 constituencies. The spokesperson of PDP Naeem Akhtar said that the party has no plans to form an alliance Government with the BJP. The PDP said that it was confident of gaining the majority required in the Assembly Elections thus it did not require to form an alliance with BJP or any other party.

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We Will Make Kashmir India’s Crown: Amit Shah The National President of BJP Amit Shah on Thursday lashed out at J&K CM Omar Abdullah and the regional Government for its “slow” process of rehabilitation after the floods in September and accused of funds mismanagement. Shah proposed in a rally that if BJP was voted into power, they would work hard to make Jammu and Kashmir the best State in India. Shah said that Modi Government provided Rs.1, 700 crore to the State for flood relief, yet people from all parts of the State have complained about the lack of response from the Government. Amit Shah said that many Indian States in the country have progressed but Kashmir has been behind due to dynasty politics.

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No “anti-national activities” of RSS will be allowed: AAP As AAP seems to be preparing for the Delhi Assembly elections, they have taken a jibe at RSS for conducting “anti-national activities” in Agra through their “Ghar Wapsi” programme. Aam Aadmi Party said that if it was voted into power, it would not allow such activities of forced conversions. AAP assured that it would not allow RSS to propagate hatred towards a particular community or conduct anti national activities. The spokesperson of AAP, Ashutosh said that under the law, RSS is allowed to hold Shakhas but if it performs any activity with is targeted towards hatred and violence within communities, we will take strict actions.

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Trinamool Congress MPs demand investigation against BJP President Amit Shah The Parliament’s second week winter session has been vigorous where the MP of Trinamool Congress, Sudip Bandhopadhyay stated that a diary was discovered during the Sahara probe in which the name of BJP President Amit Shah has appeared. They asked for the question hour to be suspended and wanted the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give a statement on the matter. Following the statement, other Trinamool Congress MPs started shouting slogans in the Lok Sabha demanding the investigation of involvement of Amit Shah in the Sahara scam. Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of State of Home Affairs defended Amit Shah against the allegations made by saying that these were political accusations and there is no truth in it. He further disregarded the allegations by saying that no such diary has been discovered.

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Bhupinder Singh Hooda the CM of Haryana is contesting the election for the same post for the third time. He said that he is very confident about winning the election again and maintaining his position in the state. he mocked at the rallies of Narendra Modi and said that Modi has been campaigning in the state as if he is contesting for the post of CM.

Maharashtra witnesses 64% voter turnout while Haryana faces a record of 76%

when we take a look on the voter action, it has been seen that the election day began in a slow pace with less number of people coming out for voting on the day. When the day progressed it was noted that large number of people came out to vote and by evening 6 pm the polling per cent was marked above 63.4.

Reports suggest that by evening 5 pm Mumbai witnessed 48% voting as more number of people exercising their voting right came out to vote by afternoon.

Officials said that it was very slow in the beginning but the crowd increased by afternoon and number of people reaching the polling booths increased.

When it comes to Haryana, it was a record making polling as the polling percentage hit the highest mark ever by reaching to 75.9.

The elections in Haryana took a violent turn in some parts of the state. 32 people were injured in the incidents including 10 policemen.

It was noted that large number of people turned out to vote in rural areas of Maharashtra compared to urban areas. Many important political leaders and celebrities were asked to appeal to people so that they come out and vote.

celebrities like Boman Irani, Rekha, Sachin Tendulkar, etc reached the polling stations in the morning to cast their vote. These people even urged the voters to exercise their voting right.

Prithviraj Chavan who after casting his vote in Karad said that he is very much confident that people will support him for the work done in last 15 years.

BJP which managed to win the general elections this time commented on the assembly elections and said that people are unhappy with the misrule of Congress party for all these years and this large number of people reaching the polling booths suggest their disaproval against Congress.They even added that they are confident that votes will turn out in their favor and they will win the assembly elections in Haryana as well as Maharashtra.


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Assembly elections have been conducted in Haryana. The results will be out by 19th October.The exit polls conducted by various agencies suggest that the voting will in favor of BJP. it suggest that BJP will win the election with great majority. Haryana has been a Congress state for past many years. INLD is expected to be on the second position.

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When asked about the assembly elections in Maharashtra, Nitin Gadkari said that he is not contesting the election to become the CM of Maharashtra. He said that his party will win the elections with majority and he has no plans to come back to state.

He added that BJP is completely confident of getting majority in the election. While talking about the alliance of BJP and Shiv Sena in future after elections, Gadkari said that BJP will get enough votes for getting majority. He even cleared that BJP will not got for alliance with NCP even if BJP gets short of votes. Gadkari said that people of India are against the Congress party and they know that it is necessary to be with BJP for the betterment of the country.

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BJP leader Gopinath Munde said that his party will come to power in the centre with clear majority. There will not arise any need to take support from NCP.

Munde was assessing the performance of his party in the Lok Sabha elections for the 24 seats where its party had contested the elections along with other senior party leaders.

He further added that according to the report of his party workers, they will win more than 35 seats from their alliance and that would be enough for them.

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Maneka Gandhi against the river linking project of BJP While talking to the media, Maneka Gandhi said that the project to link river is extremely dangerous. The plan was earlier made by the NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. She said that she had stopped him earlier from taking such step.

Maneka Gandhi said that linking one river to another will kill both rivers. She added that both rivers have different PH levels and different ecosystems. So by linking them it will kill both the rivers and the living organisms contained in that.

Narendra Modi has been talking about this project during various election campaigns.

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