Hooda commented on Modi’s campaigns

By in News on October 16, 2014

Bhupinder Singh Hooda the CM of Haryana is contesting the election for the same post for the third time. He said that he is very confident about winning the election again and maintaining his position in the state. he mocked at the rallies of Narendra Modi and said that Modi has been campaigning in the state as if he is contesting for the post of CM.

Maharashtra witnesses 64% voter turnout while Haryana faces a record of 76%

when we take a look on the voter action, it has been seen that the election day began in a slow pace with less number of people coming out for voting on the day. When the day progressed it was noted that large number of people came out to vote and by evening 6 pm the polling per cent was marked above 63.4.

Reports suggest that by evening 5 pm Mumbai witnessed 48% voting as more number of people exercising their voting right came out to vote by afternoon.

Officials said that it was very slow in the beginning but the crowd increased by afternoon and number of people reaching the polling booths increased.

When it comes to Haryana, it was a record making polling as the polling percentage hit the highest mark ever by reaching to 75.9.

The elections in Haryana took a violent turn in some parts of the state. 32 people were injured in the incidents including 10 policemen.

It was noted that large number of people turned out to vote in rural areas of Maharashtra compared to urban areas. Many important political leaders and celebrities were asked to appeal to people so that they come out and vote.

celebrities like Boman Irani, Rekha, Sachin Tendulkar, etc reached the polling stations in the morning to cast their vote. These people even urged the voters to exercise their voting right.

Prithviraj Chavan who after casting his vote in Karad said that he is very much confident that people will support him for the work done in last 15 years.

BJP which managed to win the general elections this time commented on the assembly elections and said that people are unhappy with the misrule of Congress party for all these years and this large number of people reaching the polling booths suggest their disaproval against Congress.They even added that they are confident that votes will turn out in their favor and they will win the assembly elections in Haryana as well as Maharashtra.


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