Kargil (Jammu And Kashmir) Assembly Constituency Elections


Kargil Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

The town of Kargil is situated in the district by the same name in Jammu & Kashmir and is also the headquarters of the district. The town of Kargil was previously known as Purig. The Kargil assembly constituency falls under the parliamentary constituency of Ladakh. The JKNC occupied the seat of MLA from 1977 to 2002. However in the year 2002, JKNC was knocked out by an independent candidate. In assembly elections of 2008, JKNC managed to get back the seatof MLA. Qamar Ali Akhoon, candidate of JKNC won the elections and is the present MLA. He was victorious over Haji Nissar Ali, an independent candidate and the winner of the 2002 elections. Akhoon received 22935 votes over Ali’s 17635 votes.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Kargil assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Kargil Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Sex Party Votes Runner Up Sex Party Votes
2008 49 Kargil GEN Qamar Ali Akhoon M JKN 22935 Haji Nissar Ali M IND 17635
2002 49 Kargil GEN Haji Nissar Ali M IND 27384 Qamar Ali Akhoon M JKN 20988
1996 49 Kargil GEN Qamar Ali Akhoon M JKN 24183 Hassan Khan M INC 12104
1987 44 Kargil GEN Qamar Ali M JKN 35559 Kacho Mohd. Ali Khan M IND 4427
1983 44 Kargil GEN Munshi Habibullah M JKN 18729 Kachoo Mohamad Ali Khan M INC 18469
1977 44 Kargil GEN Munshi Habibullah M JKN 13549 Kacho Mohmad Ali M INC 11021
1972 44 Kargil GEN Kachoo Mohd Ali Khan M INC Uncontested
1967 44 Kargil GEN K. M. A. Khan M IND 10868 A. I. Shah M INC 7309
1962 75 Kargil GEN Agha Sayad Ibrahim Shah M NC Uncontested