Priyanka alleges pamphlets of dirty materials ditched in Amethi

By in News on May 3, 2014

Priyanka alleges pamphlets of dirty materials ditched in Amethi

Amethi : Congress’s Star campaigner, Priyanka Gandhi who observed the intent of LS poll campaigns stooping to such low levels, reported today that there were pamphlets of filthy materials about her family thrown away in Amethi.

Campaigning for her brother Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka made a shielded attack at BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi, saying the country has a leader who desires power only for himself and tries to strengthen him by demanding the public repeatedly.

“I am aware that some pamphlets containing false and filthy materials about my family are being thrown at midnight a day before at places where my rallies are scheduled. Such cheap activities indicate cowardice. If anyone wants to tell me anything, come and face me directly. Indulging in such cheap demeanor is not a right thing,” said Priyanka .
She also added that politics should be regarded as a sense of service and some leaders in the country fail to think that way. She added that Rahul Gandhi’s politics is related with a sense of service and not with demand.

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