Polling Station List of Gomia Assembly Constituency 2014

Polling Stations in Gomia

Gomia assembly (vidhan sabha) constituency of Jharkhand state. Get names of polling booths inside Gomia assembly along with polling station numbers.

Polling Station No. Polling Booth Address
1 Upgrade middle School Hurlung Roon No. 1
2 Upgrade middle School Hurlung Roon No. 2
3 Primary School Narkandi Rom No.-1
4 Primary School Narkandi Rom No.-2
5 Primary School Chipri
6 Middle School Chatro Chatti Rom No.-1
7 Middle School Chatro Chatti Rom No.-2
8 Upgrade middle School Katwari Rom No.-1
9 Upgrade middle School Katwari Rom No.-2
10 Upgrade middle School Chilgo Room-1
11 Upgrade middle School Chilgo Room-2
12 Primary School Jarkunda
13 Helth Care Kadma
14 Upgrade middle School Badki Chidri
15 Primary School Gurudih
16 Primary School Badki Murpa
17 Primary School Badki Sidhawar Room no-1
18 Primary School Badki Sidhawar Room no-2
19 Primary School Chhoki Sidhawar
20 Primary School Tusko
21 Primary School Tisri
22 Upgrade middle School Banchatra
23 Primary School Loudhi Room-1
24 Primary School Loudhi Room-2
25 Primary School Karikhurd Room-1
26 Primary School Karikhurd Room-2
27 Primary School Karikhurd Room-3
28 Primary School Kurknalo Room-1
29 Primary School Kurknalo Room-2
30 Primary School Chutte Room-1
31 Primary School Chutte Room-2
32 Primary School Chutte Room-3
33 Primary School Chutte Room-4
34 Primary School Rahawan Room-1
35 Primary School Rahawan Room-2
36 Primary School Panchmo Room*1
37 Primary School Panchmo Room*2
38 Middle School Jhumra Pahar
39 Primary School Dania
40 Primary School Tilaiya Room-1
41 Primary School Tilaiya Room-2
42 Primary School gose
43 Primary School Dumri
44 Upgrade middle School siyari Room-1
45 Upgrade middle School siyaro Room*2
46 Middle School Karmatand Room*1
47 Primary School khamahra Room-1
48 Primary School khamahra Room-2
49 Middle School Kaswagarh room-1
50 Middle School Kaswagarh room-2
51 Middle School Karmatand Room-2
52 Flake middle School Sasbera Room-1
53 Flake middle School Sasbera Room-2
54 Modern High School Gomia
55 Loyla middle School Room-2
56 Loyla middle School Room-3
57 Loyla middle School Room-4
58 middle School Sasbera Room-1
59 Pitas Modran School Room-1
60 middle School Sasbera Room-2
61 Pitas Modran School Room-2
62 Girls High School Gomia Room-1
63 Girls High School Gomia Room-2
64 Panchayat Bhawan Gomia
65 Middle School Sawng Room-1
66 Middle School Sawng Room-2
67 Middle School Sawng Room-3
68 Middle School Sawng Room-4
69 Upgrade middle School Swang Room-1
70 Upgrade middle School Swang Room-2
71 Neharu High School Swang Room-1
72 Neharu High School Swang Room-2
73 Neharu High School Swang Room-3
74 Neharu High School Swang Room-4
75 Upgrade middle School Pipradih
76 Upgrade middle School Khudgadha Room-1
77 Upgrade middle School Khudgadha Room-2
78 Primary School Ganjhudih
79 middle School Hazari Room-1
80 middle School Hazari Room-2
81 middle School Gomia Room-1
82 middle School Gomia Room-2
83 middle School Gomia Room-3
84 middle School Gomia Room-4
85 middle School Gomia Room-5
86 High School Gomia Room-1
87 High School Gomia Room-2
88 High School Gomia Room-3
89 High School Gomia Room-4
90 East Upgrade middle Schooldendes &1
91 East Upgrade middle School Dende &2
92 Samudayik Bhawan Devipur Room-2
93 Samudayik Bhawan Devipur Room-2
94 Primary School Devipur Room-2
95 Primary School Devipur Room-1
96 middle School Hosir Room-2
97 middle School Hosir Room-1
98 High School Hosir Room-1
99 High School Hosir Room-2
100 middle School Hosir Room-3
101 middle School Hosir Room-4
102 Primary School Harijan Tola Room-1 Sadam
103 Primary School Harijan Tola Room-2 Sadam
104 Primary School Harijan Tola Room-3 Sadam
105 Primary School Lalbandh Room-2
106 Primary School Lalbandh Room-1
107 Upgrade middle School NainaTand Room-2
108 Upgrade middle School Nainatand Room-1
109 Bangla Girls middle School Sadam Room 2
110 Bangla Girls middle School Sadam Room 1
111 Bangla Girls middle School Sadam Room 3
112 Bangla Girls middle School Sadam Room 4
113 Panchayat Bhawan Room-2
114 Panchayat Bhawan Room-1
115 Methodist Mishan middle School Room-1
116 Methodist Mishan middle School Room-3
117 Methodist Mishan middle School Room-2
118 middle School Kathara
119 High School Kathara No-2
120 Rajkia Urdu Upgrade middle School Asaanpani
121 Primry School Mahlibandh Room-1
122 Primry School Mahlibandh Room-2
123 Upgrade middle School Bandh Room-1
124 Upgrade middle School Bandh Room-2
125 Upgrade middle School Bandh Room-3
126 urdu Upgrade middle School jhirkes Room-2
127 Urdu Upgrade middle School Jhirke Room-1
128 Urdu Upgrade middle School Jhirke Room-3
129 Urdu Upgrade middle School jhirke Room-4
130 Upgrade middle School Sarhachiya Room-2
131 Upgrade middle School Sarahchinna Room-1
132 Primary School Sarahchinna
133 Primary School Birsa
134 middle School Tulbul Room-1
135 middle School Tulbul Room-2
136 Primary School Hardiyamo
137 Primary School Kodwatand Room-2
138 Primary School Kodwatand Room-1
139 Primary School Kodwatand Rom-3
140 Primary School Kodwatand Rom-4
141 Primary School LalPaniya 1
142 Primary School LalPaniya 2
143 Primary School LalPaniya 3
144 Primary School Aiyar Room-1
145 Primary School Aiyar Room-2
146 Primary School Chorganv
147 Primary School Keri
148 Upgrade middle School Tikahara
149 Upgrade middle School tikahara 2
150 Primary School Jagesar
151 Primary School Kunda Room-2
152 Primary School Kunda Room-1
153 Primary School LawaLoung
154 Primary School Khakhanda Room-2
155 Primary School Khakhanda Room-1
156 Primary School Baridari
157 Primary School Chagdi
158 Upgrade middle School Tirla Room-1
159 Upgrade middle School Tirla Room-2
160 Upgrade middle School Darhabera Room-1
161 Upgrade middle School Darhabera Room-2
162 Upgrade middle School simrabera
163 Primary School Kander Room-1
164 Primary School Kander Room-2
165 Upgrade middle School Gangagpur
166 Upgrade middle School Mahuatand
167 Upgrade middle School Mahuatand Room-2
168 Primary School Dhawaiya Room-1
169 Primary School Dhawaiya Room-2
170 Primary School Gopo Room-1
171 Primary School Gopo Room-2
172 Upgrade middle School Chotki Punnu Room-1
173 Upgrade middle School Chotki Punnu Room-2
174 middle School Badki punnu Room-1
175 middle School Badki punnu Room-2
176 Primary School Badki Punnu North Room-1
177 Primary School Badki Punnu Room-2
178 Middle School Mirzapur
179 Upgrade Middle School Rangamati
180 Upgrade Middle School Pataki
181 Primary School BaghJbra
182 Upgrade Middle School Gaga
183 Balika Bihar Chiruwabeda
184 Upgrade Middle School Arjua
185 Upgrade Middle School Merudaru
186 Middle School Tenughat Room-1
187 Middle School Tenughat Room-2
188 Middle School Tenughat Room-3
189 Upgrade Middle School Gharwatand
190 Upgrade Middle School Chhaapargadda Room
191 Upgrade Middle School Chhaapargadda Room
192 Primary School Zabra
193 Middle School Ordana
194 Angan Bari Kendra Jobhiya
195 Primary School khairajara
196 Upgrade Middle School Osam
197 Primary School Obra
198 Upgrade Middle School Chipudag
199 Upgrade Middle School Jhirke
200 Upgrade Middle School Hadmita
201 Upgrade Middle School Putkadih
202 Nov Primary School Purnadih
203 Upgrade Middle School Ulgadda
204 Samudayik Bhawan Sarlakhurad Jaradih
205 Upgrade Middle School Koh
206 Upgrade Middle School Katam kulhi
207 Upgrade Middle School Budhangoda
208 Upgrade Middle School Charagi
209 Panchayat Bhawan Charagi
210 Upgrade Middle School Rukam
211 Upgrade Middle School Katerbeda
212 Girls High School Chandrapura
213 Upgrade Middle School Sadmakhurd
214 Upgrade Middle School Sadmakala East
215 Upgrade Middle School Sadmakala West
216 Primary School PodDag
217 Upgrade Middle School Jarua Tand
218 Samudayik Bhawan Lukaiya ManjhiTola
219 Upgrade Middle School Takaha
220 Primary School Banga
221 Samudaik Bhawan Ambadih (Nauajara)
222 Upgrade Middle School Darid
223 Upgrade Middle School Gopalpur
224 Primary School Kojaram
225 Panchayat Bhawan Darid
226 Girls Middle School Petarwar (Gagi) North
227 Girls Middle School Petarwar (Gagi) South
228 Girls Middle School Petarwar (Gagi) East
229 Girls Middle School Petarwar (Gagi ) West
230 Upgrade Middle School Petarwar Khatri Tola (East)
231 Upgrade Middle School Petarwar Khatri Tola(West)
232 Middle School Petarwar Room-1
233 Middle School Petarwar Room-2
234 Primary School Sonhar
235 Upgrade Middle School Silisadam
236 Upgrade Middle School Khunta
237 Upgrade Middle School Sonpura
238 Middle School Dantu Room 1
239 Middle School Dantu Room 2
240 Samudayik Bhawan Baghbindhwa
241 Upgrade Middle School Hanslata
242 Upgrade Middle School Ponda
243 Upgrade Middle School Kamlapur
244 New Primary School Bangajra
245 Primary School Mochro
246 Middle School Dhadhakiya
247 Lohiya Bhawan Kasmar
248 Upgrade Middle School Futhali (Bendotand)
249 Primary School Kasmar 1
250 Primary School Surajudih
251 High School Kasmar Room No.1
252 High School Kasmar Room-2
253 Middle School Kasmar Room-1 A
254 Middle School kasmar, Room No.2 B
255 New Primary School Bankanari
256 Middle School Madhukarpur Room No.1
257 Middle School Madhukarpur Room No.2
258 Girls High School Madhukarpur
259 Upgrade Middle School Chandipur Room No.1
260 Upgrade Middle School Chandipur Room No.2
261 Upgrade Middle School Ormo
262 Upgrade Middle School Karkatta khurd
263 Middle School Bariyakala
264 Primary School Karkatta kala
265 Upgrade Middle School Baraikhurd
266 Upgrade Middle School Chainpur
267 Upgrade Middle School Durgapur (Harladih)
268 Upgrade Middle School Durgapur (Dundadih)
269 Upgrade Middle School Kurko
270 Upgrade Middle School Rangamati
271 Upgrade Middle School Raghunathpur
272 Primary School Lodhkiyari
273 Middle School Bagda, Room No.-1
274 Middle School Bagda, Room No.-2
275 Primary School, Ajaiya
276 Middle School, Manjura, Room No.-1
277 Middle School, Manjura, Room No.-2
278 Samudayik Bhawan, Sapahitand, Sokhadih
279 Upgrade Middle School, Jharmuga
280 Upgrade Middle School, Jaamkudar
281 Samudayik Bhawan, Bagiyari
282 Upgrade Middle School, Purni Bagiyari
283 Middle School, Taangtona, Room No.-1
284 Middle School, Taangtona, Room No.-2
285 Samudayik Bhawan, Taantona
286 Upgrade Middle School, Basriya
287 Middle School Khairachatar Room No.-1
288 Middle School Khairachatar Room No.-2
289 Upgrade Middle School, Meramhara
290 Primary School, Singhpur
291 Samudayik Bhawan, Singhpur
292 Sindhukahu Harizan Chatrawaas, Harnaad
293 Upgrade Middle School, Majhiladih
294 Samudayik Bhawan, Bhandardih
295 Swasthay upkendra, Khudibeda
296 Upgrade Middle School, Dumarkudar
297 Upgrade Middle School, Hisim
298 Primary School, Kedla
299 Primary School, Triyonala
300 Middle School, Murhulsudi
301 Upgrade Middle School, Kotogara
302 Upgrade Middle School, Pirgul
303 Upgrade Middle School, Choura-2

Last Updated on July 07, 2014