Amalner (Maharashtra) Assembly Constituency Elections


Candidates List of Amalner constituency for 2014

This table shows who are the contesting BJP, independent, Congress etc. candidates of Amalner Assembly Constituency in Maharashtra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections 2014.

Amalner, Constituency No -(15)
Election Date Oct 15, 2014
Result Date Oct 19, 2014
Election Symbol Political Party Candidate Name
BSP Bhauso Bansode Ramkrishna Vijay
BJP Anil Bhaidas Patil (Amalner)
INC Engg.Girish Sonji Patil
IND Anil Bhaidas Patil (Ranaiche)
IND Jagdane Ramesh Soma
IND Patil Anil Bhaidas (Dhabe)
IND Krushitadnya Sahebrao Patil
IND Patil Sandeep Yuvraj
IND Bharat Prakash Pawar
IND Shirishdada Hiralal Chaudhari
IND Sonawane Mangalabai Bapu
NCP Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil
SHS Anil Ambar Patil


Amalner Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

A city in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, Amalner as of 2011 India Census, has a total population of 287,849. The popular Wipro Company was created in the city of Amalner. Amalner is located on the bank of Bori River; it is also an industrial and educational hub. The Amalner Assembly Constituency belongs to Parliamentary Constituency of Jalgaon. The MLA seat of was occupied by BJP since the year 1995, but in the assembly elections of 2009 they lost their seat. An independent candidate named Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil won the assembly elections and is presently the MLA. By defeating Anil Bhaidas Patil of BJP who received 44621 votes, 55084 votes were won by Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Amalner Assembly Constituency

Year AC No. Name of Constituency Category Name of Winner Sex Name of Party Votes Runner Up Sex Name of Party Votes
1962 149 Amalner (ST) Shahjahankhan Jalamkhan Tadvi M INC 21817 Anilkumar Prashi Chavan M JS 6018
1967 84 Amalner GEN K. M. Patil M INC 25087 G. W. Patil M PSP 8452
1972 84 Amalner GEN Jagatrao Vyankatrao Pawar M INC 40223 Namdeo Maharu Patil M BJS 5034
1978 92 Amalner GEN Patil Gulabrao Wamanrao M JNP 43697 Dabhade Ramdas Sugram M INC(I) 20983
1980 92 Amalner GEN Gulabrao Wamanrao Patil M JNP(JP) 36179 Chavan Sambhaji Govindrao M INC(I) 29640
1985 92 Amalner GEN Amrutrao Vamanrao Patil M INC 43545 Gulabrao Wamanrao Patil M JNP 38041
1990 92 Amalner GEN Patil Gulabrao Wamanrao M JD 44211 Dajiba Parvat Patil M INC 31714
1995 92 Amalner GEN Dr. Patil B.S. M BJP 35838 Patil Amrutrao Wamanrao M INC 34934
1999 92 Amalner GEN Dr. Patil B.S. M BJP 49523 Shinde Anil Nathu M INC 22523
2004 92 Amalner GEN Abasaheb Dr B S Patil M BJP 51103 Adv Patil Lalita Shyam M INC 50371
2009 15 Amalner GEN Krushibhushan Sahebrao Patil M IND 55084 Anil Bhaidas Patil M BJP 44621


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