Melghat (Maharashtra) Assembly Constituency Elections


Candidates List of Melghat constituency for 2014

This table shows who are the contesting BJP, independent, Congress etc. candidates of Melghat Assembly Constituency in Maharashtra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections 2014.

Melghat, Constituency No -(41)
Election Date Oct 15, 2014
Result Date Oct 19, 2014
Election Symbol Political Party Candidate Name
BSP Kisan Jayaram Jamkar
BJP Bhilawekar Prabhdas Babulal
INC Kevalram Tulsiram Kale
NCP Rajkumar Dayaram Patel
SHS Motilal Bhaiyyalal Kasdekar
API Vasudeo Santu Dhikar


Melghat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

The city of Melghat is situated in the distruct of Amravat in Maharashtra.The meaning of the word “Melghat” is ‘meeting of the ghats’. In the year 1974, the region was declared a Tiger Reserve. The Melghat Assembly Constituency belongs to Parliamentary Constituency of Amravati. The constituency is held in reservation for the Scheduled Tribes of the region. The seat of MLA was occupied by candidate of INC from 1967 to 1995. It lost to candidate of BJP in the subsequent three assembly elections. But in the assembly elections of 2009 the INC regained its lost place. Kale Kewalram Tulshiram of INC was victorious Patel Rajkumar Dayaram of BJP. Tulshiram recieved 63619 votes compared to Dayaram’s 62909 votes.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Melghat assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Melghat Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Sex Party Votes Runner Up Sex Party Votes
1962 177 Melghat GEN Mamraj Jagannath Khandelwal M IND 29403 Girjabai F INC 23661
1967 110 Melghat (ST) D.N. Patel M INC 21004 S. Chinu M RPI 14602
1968 By Polls Melghat (ST) R.Mhatang M INC Uncontested
1972 110 Melghat (ST) Ramu Mhatang Patel M INC 34542 Narayan Nanu Bedhe M IND 17756
1978 119 Melghat (ST) Patel Ramu Mhatang M INC(I) 34998 Sarage Hiralal Onkar M JNP 14444
1980 119 Melghat (ST) Narayan Nanu M INC(I) 31420 Patel Ramu Mhatang M IND 10131
1985 119 Melghat (ST) Patel Ramu Mhatang M INC 40441 Hiralal Onkar M BJP 6348
1990 119 Melghat (ST) Kale Tuilshiram Rupna M INC 28098 Ramesh Raikwar M SHS 16186
1995 119 Melghat (ST) Patlya Langda Mavaskar M BJP 37377 Patel Rajkumar Dayaram M BSP 32209
1999 119 Melghat (ST) Rajkumar Dayaram Patel M BJP 43698 Patel Ramu Mahatang M INC 40363
2004 119 Melghat (ST) Rajkumar Dayaram Patel M BJP 61354 Patel Ramu Mhatang M INC 57582
2009 41 Melghat (ST) Kale KewalramTulshiram M INC 63619 Patel Rajkumar Dayaram M BJP 62909

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