Sakri (Maharashtra) Assembly Constituency Elections


Candidates List of Sakri constituency for 2014

This table shows who are the contesting BJP, independent, Congress etc. candidates of Sakri Assembly Constituency in Maharashtra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections 2014.

Sakri, Constituency No -(5)
Election Date Oct 15, 2014
Result Date Oct 19, 2014
Election Symbol Political Party Candidate Name
BJP Gavit Manjula Tulshiram
INC Ahire Dhanaji Sitaram Or D.S.Ahire
IND Gawali Durgabai Hiru
IND Bahiram Ranilal Popat
IND Bagul Pandit Maharu
IND Adv. Manukumar J. Valvi
NCP Naike Dilip Shashikumar
SHS Pawar Chudaman Daga
MNS Bharude Dipak Bandu
BBM Chavhan Suka Budha
PWPI Dipak Mangya Jagtap


Sakri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

The small town of Sakri is situated in the Dhule district of Maharashtra. The town of Sakri is also the headquarters of the taluka by the same name. The largest solar project in the world is located here. The Sakri assembly constituency is a part of parliamentary constituency of Nandurbar. The constituency of Sakri is reserved for the people of Scheduled Tribes. The MLA seat has been occupied by INC since the year 2004. Bhoye Yogendra Reshama of INC won the assembly elections of 2009 by being victorious over Gavit Manjula Tulshiram of BJP by a huge margin. Reshama received 57542 votes over Tulshiram’s 38598 votes.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Sakri assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Sakri Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Sex Party Votes Runner Up Sex Party Votes
1962 140 Sakri (ST) Gokul Rupla Gavit M INC 20032 Hiraman Bhavadu Pawar M CPI 11390
1967 73 Sakri GEN U. R. Nandre M CPI 27742 K. S. Devre M INC 22282
1972 73 Sakri GEN Gojarbai Ramrao Bhamre M INC 33173 Jagannath T. Desale M CPI 20201
1978 80 Sakri (ST) Malusare Sukram Bhurya M INC(I) 19569 Choudhari Govindrao Shivram M INC 18540
1980 80 Sakri (ST) Malusare Sukram Bhurya M INC(I) 21807 Koli Baburao Rangrao M BJP 18768
1985 80 Sakri (ST) Govindrao Shivram Chaudhary M BJP 49359 Malusare Sukram Bhurya M INC 25799
1990 80 Sakri (ST) Chaudhari Govindbhau Shivram M BJP 29402 Chaure Bapu Hari M INC 29289
1995 80 Sakri (ST) Chaudhari Govindrao Shivaram M BJP 48182 Bhoye Reshma Motiram M INC 38578
1999 80 Sakri (ST) Suryavanshi Vasant Dodha M BBM 36481 Anil Sukram Bagul M BJP 29195
2004 80 Sakri (ST) Ahire Dhanaji Sitaram Alias D.S. Ahire M INC 62823 Chaudhari Govindrao Shivram M BJP 47561
2009 5 Sakri (ST) BhoyeYogendra Reshama M INC 57542 Gavit Manjula Tulshiram M BJP 38598

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