Deoli (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


Deoli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Deoli assembly constituency is reserved for Scheduled Castes and is situated in South Delhi dictrict. It belongs to South Delhi parliamentary constituency and was included after Delimitation Commission of India. The population of the constituency is 119,432 according to the census of 2011. The present MLA of the constituency is Prakash Jarwal.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Deoli assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Deoli Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 47 Deoli (SC) Prakash M AAP 51646 Gagan Rana M BJP 34538
2008 47 Deoli (SC) Arvinder Singh M INC 41497 Lal M BSP 24869


Localities of Deoli Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Deoli Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Dakshinpuri Extension Blk No 13,Dakshin Puri Ext ; Block 13 Kabir Mandir,Dakshin Puri Extn Dr Ambd Ngr ; Block 13 Dakshinpuri Ext,Dr Deoli ; Block-7,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block-6,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr. Deoli ; Shop No 1 To 72 Block-6&7,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr. Deoli ; Block-5,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block No.8,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block-8,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block -8,13 Market,Dakshin Puri Extn Dr Deoli ; Block-12,Dakshin Puri Ext Dr.Deoli ; Block-11,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block-11,Dakshin Puri Ext.Dr Deoli ; Block 11,Market Dakshin Puri Extn Dr Ambd Ngar ; Block-10,Dakshin Puri Dr.Deoli ; Opp Block 10,Raja Ram Market Dakshin Puri ; Block-10,Dakshin Puri Dr.Deoli ; Block-9,Dakshin Puri Ext Dr Deoli ; Block-3,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Block -4,Dakshin Puri Ext. (Dr.Deoli) ; Block-19,Dakshinpuri Ext Dr Deoli ; New Subhash Camp,Dakshinpuri Ext Dr Deoli ; Block 1,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Block 2,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Shiv Mandir,Dakshin Puri Ext ; Block 14,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Block 14,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; DDA Market, Block – 14, Dakshin Puri Extn ; Block 16,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Blind House,Blk 16 Dakshin Puri Extn ; Shiv B N K Kender,Blk 16 Dakshin Puri Extn ; Block 17,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Block-17,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Block -17, Dakshin Puri Extn ; Block – 20, DDA Flats Dakshinpuri Extn. ; Block-18 DDA Mkt,Dakshinpuri ; Block 15,Dakshin Puri Extn.
Deoli Village Parbat Apartments, Deoli Village ; Deoli Village ; Deoli Village ; Ashoka Apartments,Deoli Village ; Aashiana Appartment,Deoli Village ; Holi Chowk, Deoli Village ; Ashoka Apartment, Deovli Village ; Block-A, Deoli Extention
Durga Vihar Block-A, Durga Vihar ; Block-B, Durga Vihar ;
J.J.Camp,Tigri Block-H, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-I, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-G, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-J, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-K, J J Camp, Tigri ; J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-A , J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-B, J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-R, J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-C, J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-D, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-E, J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-F, J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-R, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-H, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block-G, J J Camp, Tigri ; Block – J, & K J J Camp,Tigri ; Block-A, J J Colony,Tigri
Madangir Village Madangir Village,Dr.Deoli ; Madangir Village,Mandir Dr Deoli
Nai Basti Deoli Apartments, Deoli Village ; Nai Basti, Deoli Village ; Nai Basti, Deoli Village ; Deoli Village ; Ashoka Vatika,Deoli Village ;
Sainik Farm Block -F, Sainik Farm ; Block- F, Army Camp, Sainik Farm ; Block- N, Army Camp, Sainik Farm ; Block -N, Sainik Farm ; Block-F, Sainik Farm ; Block-J, Sainik Farm ; Block-N, Sainik Farm ; Block- J, Kariappa Marg, Sainik Farm
Sangam Vihar Block-A, Sangam Vihar ; Block-B, Sangam Vihar ; Block-C,Sangam Vihar ; Block F-3, Sangam Vihar,Sangam Vihar ; Block-F-III, Sangam Vihar ; Block-F-3,Sangam Vihar ; Block-G, Sangam Vihar,Sangam Vihar ; Block-L-II, Sangam Vihar ; Block-K-II, Sangam Vihar ; Block-K-II, Harijan Basti, Sangam Vihar ; Block-K-II, Harijan Basti, Sangam Vihar ; Block-L-1, Sangam Vihar ; Block- M-II,Sangam Vihar ; Block-M-I, Sangam Vihar ; Block-M-I, Sangam Vihar ; Sangam Vihar ; Block-M, Sangam Vihar ; Block-M-I, Sangam Vihar ; Block-L-1A, Sangam Vihar
Sanjay Camp Block 20,J J Colony Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Block A, Sanjay Camp J.J.Colony,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Sanjay Camp,Blk A Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Blk A Sanjay Camp,Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Blk B Sanjay Camp,Blk B Sanjay Camp Dakshin Puri Extn. ; Sanjay Camp,Dakshin Puri Ext ; Blk C,D Sanjay Camp,Dakshinpuri Ext ; Blk B,Dakshin Puri Ext
Shaheed Camp Saheed Camp Jhuggi,Dakshin Puri Extn.
South Enclave DDA Flats South Enclave DDA Janta Flats,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr.Deoli ; Staff Qtr Police Station,Dakshin Puri Extn Dr Deoli
Subhash Camp Subhash Camp,Dakshin Puri Ext. Dr. Deoli
Tigri Extension Block-A,Tigri Extension ; Block-B, Tigri Extension ; Block-C, Tigri Extention, Block-D, Tigri Extention ; DDA Janta Flats, Tigri ; Karnal Farm, Tigri ; Block-A, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-B, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-C, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-D, J J Colony , Tigri ; Block-E, J J Colony,Tigri ; Block-F, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-H, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-H-II, J J Colony, Tigri ; Block-G,Tigri Colony ; Vayusena Bad,Hamdard Nagar ; Tigri Village

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