Seemapuri (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


Seemapuri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Seemapuri is a residential area which falls under North East Delhi district and is a part of North East Delhi parliamentary constituency. The constituency is reserved for Scheduled Caste candidate. The present MLA of the constituency is Dharmender Singh of AAP who won the seat by defeating Veer Singh Dhingan of INC by 43199 votes.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Seemapuri assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Seemapuri Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 63 Seemapuri (SC) Dharmender Singh M AAP 43199 Veer Singh Dhingan M INC 31223
2008 63 Seemapuri (SC) Veer Singh Dhingan M INC 43864 Chandra Pal Singh M BJP 24604
2003 45 Seemapuri (SC) Veer Singh Dhingan M INC 31051 Kamala F BJP 13961
1998 45 Seemapuri (SC) Veer Singh M INC 30330 Chander Pal Singh M BJP 13647
1993 45 Seemapuri (SC) Balbir Singh M BJP 14579 Giri Lal M INC 12817


Localities of Seemapuri Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Seemapuri Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Dilashad Colony A Block, Dilshad Colony ; B-Block, Dilshad Colony ; D-Block, Dilshad Colony ; E-Block,Dilshad Colony
Dilshad Garden Pocket-D, Dilshad Garden ; Pocket-A, Dilshad Garden ; Kothi Brijrani, Near Pocket-A, Dilshad Garden ; C-Block, Dilshad Garden ; C-Block, Private Colony, Dilshad Garden ; C-Block, Barham Kumari Ashram,Dilshad Garden ; Type-1 Ihbas Mental Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Type-2 Ihbas Mental Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Type-3 Ihbas Mental Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Type-4,5 Ihbas Mental Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Type-6 Ihbas Mental Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Swami Dayanand Hospital, Dilshad Garden ; Near Goal Chakkar Ihbas,Dilshad Garden ; Pocket-O, Dilshad Garden ; Pocket-P, Dilshad Garden ; Pocket-R, Dilshad Garden ; Akhand Param Dham, Dilshad Garden
GTB Enclave Pocket-F, Opp G T B Hospital, G T B Enclave ; Pocket-E, G T B Enclave,Nand Nagari ; Pocket-E, G T B Enclave Temple,Nand Nagari ; Pocket-A, G T B Enclave,M I G Flats Nand Nagari ; Pocket-E, L I G Flats,G T B Enclave Nand Nagri ; Pocket-D, L I G Flats,G T B Enclave Nand Nagari ; Pocket-B, G T B Enclave,Nand Nagari ; Pocket-C, G T B Enclave,Nand Nagari ;
GTB Hospital Campus A-Block, G T B Hospital Campus ; B-Block, G T B Hospital Campus ; D-Block, G T B Hospital Campus ; E-Block, G T B Hospital Campus ; E-Block, Servent Quaters,G T B Hospital Campus ; C-Block, G T B Hospital Campus ; Nurses Hostel, G T B Hospital Campus ; Senior Residence Hostel, G T B Hospital Campus ; Janta Flats, G T B Enclave,Dilshad Garden
Jagatpuri Extn. A-Block, Gali No-1, Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-1,2,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-2,3,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-3,4,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-4,5,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-5,6,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-6,7,Jagat Puri Ext. ; A-Block, Gali No-7,8,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-8,9,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-9,10,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-10,11,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-11,12,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-12,13,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-14,15,Jagat Puri Ext. ; B-Block, Gali No-15,16,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-1,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-1,2,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-2,3,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-3,4,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No. 4,5,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-5,6,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-6,7,Jagat Puri Ext. ; C-Block, Gali No-7,8,Jagat Puri Ext. ; D-Block, Gali No-8,9,Jagat Puri Ext. ; D-Block, Gali No-9,10,Jagat Puri Ext. ; 1D-Block, Gali No-10,11,Jagat Puri Ext. ; 1D-Block, Gali No-11,12,Jagat Puri Ext. ; 1D-Block, Gali No-12,13,Jagat Puri Ext. ; 1E-Block, Jagat Puri Ext.
Nand Nagari E-4 Block,Nand Nagari ; E-4 Block, Mata Mandir ; E-5 Block.,Nand Nagari ; E-5 Block, D D A Flats, Nand Nagari ; E-4 Block Market,Nand Nagari ; E-3 Block, Nand Nagari ; E-3 Block Jhuggi, Nand Nagari ; E-2 Block, Nand Nagari ; E-2 Block, Shiv Mandir, Opp. Barat Ghar,Nand Nagri ; E-2 Block Jhuggi,Nand Nagari ; E-2 Block, Nand Nagari ; E-2 Block Market,Nand Nagari ; E-2 Block, Veshno Devi Mandir,Nand Nagari ; E-1 Block, Nand Nagari ; E-1 Block, Jhuggi,Nand Nagari ; D-1, Block, Nand Nagri ; E S I Staff Quater,D-1 Block Nand Nagri ; Opposite D-1 Block, Guruduwara Shree Guru Singh Sabha ; D-2 Block, Nand Nagri ; D-1 Block Jhuggi,E-61/A,Nand Nagri ; D-1 Market, Nand Nagri ; D-3 Block, Nand Nagri ; D-3 Block, Nand Nagri Opposite A-3 Market ; D-3, Market,Nand Nagri ; B-5 Block, Nand Nagari ; B-5 Block Market, Nand Nagri ; B-6 Block, Nand Nagri , B4-Block Nand Nagri , B4-Coal Market Nand Nagri , B3-Block Nand Nagri ; Near MCD Dispensary,Opp B-3 Block ; B-2 Block, Nand Nagri , B-1 Block Nand Nagri , A-2 Block Nand Nagri , Kachhipura Nand Nagri ; Kachipara, DDA Market,Nand Nagri , A-1 Block Nand Nagri ; A-1 Block, Police Station Quaters, Nand Nagri ; A-3 Block, Nand Nagri ; A-3 Block E S I Hospital, Nand Nagri ; A-3 Block Shiv Mandir, Nand Nagri ; A-3 Block Jhuggi Sabji Mandi, Nand Nagri , A-4 Block Nand Nagri
New Seemapuri D D A Quaters, New Seema Puri ; A-Block, New Seema Puri ; B-Block, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi E-46 D-35 Jain Mandir, Dilshad Colony ; Jhuggi E-82A Sharhad Puri 2, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi E-46 D-35 Jain Mandir, Dilshad Colony ; D-Block, New Seema Puri ; D-Block, D D A Market, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi E-43A, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi E-47A, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi E-43A D-Block, 70 Futa Road, New Seema Puri ; E-Block, New Seema Puri ; E-Block, Shiv Mandir,New Seema Puri ; D-Block, New Seema Puri ; F-Block, New Seema Puri ; F-Block, Indra Market New Seema Puri ; E-44 Jhuggi, A-Block, New Seema Puri ; E-44 Jhuggi, B-Block, New Seema Puri ; E-44 Jhuggi, C-Block, New Seema Puri ; E-44 Jhuggi, B-Block, New Seema Puri ; C-Block, New Seema Puri ; Jhuggi C-Block, Central Market, New Seema Puri ; C-Block, New Seema Puri ; F-1 Block, D D A Flats, Sunder Nagari ; E-Block, M C D Quaters,Nand Nagari ; M-Block, Sunder Nagari ; M-Block, Shiv Mandir,Sunder Nagari ; M-Block Jhuggi, Sunder Nagri ; N-Block, Sunder Nagari ; O-Block, Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi E-60, Sunder Nagari ; F & G Market, Sunder Nagri
Sunder Nagari Jhuggi E-117, Sunder Nagari ; F-1 Block, Sunder Nagari ; F-2 Block,Sunder Nagari ; I-Block, Sunder Nagari ; J-Block, Sunder Nagari ; J-Block, Manav Bodh Satsang Asram,Sunder Nagari ; K-Block, Sunder Nagari ; K-Block, M C D Flats,Sunder Nagari ; L-Block, Sunder Nagari ; H-Block, Sunder Nagari ; H-Block, Hanuman Mandir,Sunder Nagari ; L-Block,MCD Flats Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi E-57, Sunder Nagari , Jhuggi E-57-A Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi E-57B, Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi E-57C, Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi E-57D, Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi G-3, Sunder Nagari ; G-4, Sunder Nagari ; Jhuggi G-5, Sunder Nagari
Tahirpur Gandhi Gram Tahir Pur , Anand Gram Tahir Pur , Kasturba Gram Tahir Pur , Prem Nagar Tahir Pur ; Gandhi Gram Ashram Ram Mandir, Tahir Pur ; M C D Barracks, Leprocy Colony, Tahir Pur ; Manav Sewa Samiti, Tahir Pur ; Saraswati Shiv Mandir, Leprocy Colony Tahir Pur ; Jai Hind Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; Hari Om Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; Sarvodaya B Kusth Samiti, Tahir Pur ; Saraswati Kusth Samiti, Tahir Pur ; Sewa Samiti B Leprocy Colony, Tahir Pur , Ekta Vihar Tahir Pur ; A-Block, Priyadarshani ; B-Block, Priyadarshani , B M Samiti Tahir Pur ; New Light Colony Road No.64, Tahir Pur , Ganga Jamuna Tahir Pur ; E-Block, Mata Vaishno, Tahir Pur ; F-Block, Mata Vaishno, Tahir Pur ; Jhuggi Navjeevan, Tahir Pur ; Vikash Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; Nirmal Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; Sarvodaya Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; Adarsh Kusth Ashram, Tahir Pur ; South Indian Society, Tahir Pur ; Indra Vikas Samiti, Tahir Pur ; Vikash B Sewa Samiti, Tahir Pur ; Jhuggi E-82/1, E-Block, Shanti Kusth Ashram ; Jhuggi E-82A, Sharhad Puri-1
Vill Khera Jhuggi E-56, Village Khera , G T Road Village Khera
Vill Tahirpur Village,Tahir Pur ; Kumhar Colony Jhuggi, Tahir Pur ; Dargah Sarif Hazarat Chirag Ali Shah, Tahir Pur Village ; Village,Tahir Pur ; Staff Qtrs Fire Station,Tahir Pur

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