Mangolpuri (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Mangolpuri assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Mangolpuri Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 12 Mangol Puri (SC) Rakhi Birla F AAP 44383 Raj Kumar Chauhan M INC 33798
2008 12 Mangol Puri (SC) Raj Kumar Chauhan M INC 50448 Yogesh Aatray M BJP 20585
2003 24 Mangol Puri (SC) Rajkumar Chauhan M INC 39147 Megh Singh M BSP 8832
1998 24 Mangol Puri (SC) Raj Kumar Chauhan M INC 32372 Lakshmi Narayan M BJP 11358
1993 24 Mangol Puri (SC) Raj Kumar Chauhan M INC 21344 Soran Singh Nirala M BJP 13681


Localities of Mangolpuri Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Mangolpuri Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Rohini Pocket A-1, Sector-4, Rohini ; Pocket A-2, Sector-4, Rohini; Pocket A-3, Sector-4, Rohini ; Pocket A-4, Sector-4, Rohini; Pocket B-5, Sector-4, Rohini; Pocket B-6, Sector-4, Rohini ; Pocket B-9, Sector-4, Rohini; Pocket B-7, Sector-4, Rohini ; Pocket B-8, Sector-4, Rohini; Pocket H-32, Sector-3 Rohini ; Pocket H-33, Sector-3 Rohini; Mtnl Staff Qtrs Pkt G-31, Sector-3 Rohini ; Pocket H-34, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket G-30, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket G-29, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket G-28, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket G-26, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket F-25, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket G-27, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket F-24, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket F-22, Sector-3 Rohini ; Pocket F-23, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket E-21, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket E-20, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket E-19, Sector-3, Rohini ; Mahakali Mandir, Pocket E-19, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket E-18, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket D-17, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket D-16, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket D-15, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket D-14, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket C-12, Sector-3, Rohini ; Pocket C-13, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket C-11, Pocket B-6, Sector 3, Rohini; Pocket B-9, Sector-3, Rohini ; Pocket B-10, Sector 3, Rohini; Pocket B-9, Sector-3, Rohini; Pocket B-7, Sector 3 Rohini Pocket B-8, Sector 3 Rohini; Pocket B-5, Sector 3, Rohini ; M T N L Staff Quarters Plot No 4, Sector 3, Rohini; Pocket A-1, Sector 3, Rohini ; Pocket B-5, Sector 3, Rohini ; Nicfs Staff Quarters, Sector 3, Rohini ; Night Shelter Rohini Sector-3,Near Kali Mata Mandir Pocket A-2, Sector 3, Rohini ; Pocket A-3, Sector 3, Rohini; T-Huts, Near Mtnl Office, Sector 3 Rohini; T-Huts, Backside Dtc Depot, Sector 3 Rohini ; Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, Sector-3 Rohini; Pocket-7, Sector 2, Rohini ; Gram Sabha Colony, Pocket-7, Sector 2, Rohini; Pocket-6, Sector-2, Rohini ; Pocket-3, Lig Flats, Sector 2, Rohini; Pocket-3, Janata Quarters, Sector 2, Rohini; Pocket-5, Sector 2, Rohini Pocket-4, Sector 2, Rohini; A-Block, Janta Flats, Pocket-00, Sector-2, Rohini ; A-Block, Pocket-00, Sector-2 Rohini; Pocket-00, Block-A, Sector-2, Rohini; A Block, Janta Flats, Pocket-00, Sector 2, Rohini ; Himalaya Appartment, Phase-1, Block-A, Sector-2 Rohini; Block-A, Janta Flats, Pocket-00, Sector-2 Rohini; A-Block, Pocket-00, 60 Mtr Plot, Sector 2, Rohini ; A-Block, Slum Flat, Avantika Enclave, Sector 2, Rohini ; Jhuggi Avantika Enclave, Sector-2 Rohini; B-Block, Slum Flat, Avantika Enclave, Sector 2, Rohini ; C-Block, Slum Flat, Avantika Enclave, Sector 2, Rohini; ,Mangol Pur Khurd; Pana Mohalla, Mangol Pur Kalan ; Pana Harijan Basti, Near G-Block, Mangol Pur Kalan; Pana Bichli Gali, Mangol Pur Kalan; Pana Tihaai, Mangol Pur Kalan ; Sanjay Nagar, Mangol Pur Kalan; F-Block T-Huts, Stone Market, Mangol Pur Kalan; G-Block T-Huts, Opposite Village Mangol Puri, Mangol Pur Kalan
Mangolpuri Mandir, G-Block ; Punjabi Camp, F Block ; S. V. Medical Mission, F-Block,; F-II-Block ; New Market B(F-II-Stalls) ; F-Block, D.D.A. Flats, Mangolpuri; Shopping Center, F-Block ; Masjid, F-Block, Mangolpuri ; F-1, Block ; E-Block , Mahamaya Durga Mandir; A-Block, Jhuggi ; A-Block, Hanuman Mandir ; A- Block, DDA Market ; B-Block ; B-Block, Gurudwara ; B-Block ; Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, B-Block ; C-Block ; C-Block, Jhuggi,Mangol Puri ; Industrial Area, Phase-I ; D-Block ; D-Block, Jhuggi ; O-Block ; O-Block, Jhuggi,Mangol Puri ; Shiv Mandir, O-Block ; O-Block ; Police Quarters ; O Block, Esi Quarters ; N-Block, DDA Market ; N-Block ; N-Block ; Shiv Mandir, N-Block ; Market, M-Block ; M-Block ; L-Block ; L-Block, Jhuggi ; DDA Flats, L-Block ; L-Block Jhuggi, K-Block ; K-Block ; G S Mandir, K-Block ; K-Block ; X-Block X-Block ; S G H Staff Quarters, K-Block T-Huts, X-Block, Mangolpuri ; Netrahin Kalyankari Sansthan, X-Block, Mangolpuri; P-1 Block ; P-2 Block ; P-3 Block ; P-4 Block ; P-5 Block ; P-6 Block ; P-7 Block ; P-8 Block ; Shiv Mandir, P-Block ; Huts, P-Block ; Q-3 Block ; Q-4 Block ; Q-4-Jhuggi ; Q-1 Block ; Q-2 Block, Mangolpuri; Q-5 Block ; Q-6 Block Q-7 Block ; Q-8 Block ; Q-11 Block ; Q-9 Block ; Q-10 Block ; R-Block ; R-Block,Night Shelter,Mangol Puri; R-Block ; Mandir, R-Block ; Gurudwara, S-Block ; Market, S-Block,Mangol Puri; T-Block ; Mandir, T-Block ; T-Block ; DDA Market, T-Block, Mangol Puri; U-Block, Mangol Puri; T Huts, U-Block, Mangol Puri ; DDA Market, U-Block, Mangol Puri ; Mandir, U-Block, Mangol Puri

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