Patparganj (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


Patparganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Patparganj belongs to East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency and is famous for industrial area. AAP candidate Manish Sisodia won the seat by ending the power of Congress from the seat. Sisodia defeated Anil Kumar with huge margin.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Patparganj assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Patparganj Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 57 Patparganj GEN Manish Sisodia M AAP 50211 Nakul Bhardwaj M BJP 38735
2008 57 Patparganj GEN Anil Kumar M INC 36999 Nakul Bhardwaj M BJP 36336
2003 38 Patparganj (SC) Amrish Singh Gautam M INC 36930 Gian Chand M BJP 18932
1998 38 Patparganj (SC) Amrish Singh Gautam M INC 33351 Ganga Ram Pipal M BJP 17030
1993 38 Patparganj (SC) Gyan Chand M BJP 17020 Amrish Singh Goutam M JD 14873


Localities of Patparganj Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Patparganj Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Acharya Niketan Block-C, Acharya Niketan ; E-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; J-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; G-Block,East Vinod Nagar ; B-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; A-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; F-Block,East Vinod Nagar ; A-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; E-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; B-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; B-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; C-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; C-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; E-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; R-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; R-Block, East Vinod Nagar ; Rj- Block, East Vinod Nagar , Kalyanvas ; Type-II, Block-1, Kalyanvas ; Type-II, Block-2, Kalyanvas ; Type-II, Block-3, Kalyanvas ; Type-II, Block-4, Kalyanvas ; Type-II, Block-5, Kalyanvas
I.P.Extension Saraswati Kunj, Apptt,Ip.Extn Patparganj ; Akash Bharti. Apptt.,Ip.Extn Patparganj ; Press Apptt., Ip.Extn Patparganj ; Dps Qtr.,Mandawali ; Ravi Dass Camp Jhuggi,I.P.Extnension ; Nehru Camp, Jhuggi,I.P.Extn. ; Nehru Camp, Jhuggi,I P Extension ; Tarang Aptt., I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Aditi Aptt.,I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Priyadarshini Apptt., I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Ankur Apptt.,I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Chetna Apptt.,I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Dharma Apptt.,I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Una Apptt., I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Uttranchal Apptt. , I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Retreat Apptt., I.P. Extn. Patparganj ; Ekta Garden Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Him Vihar, Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Oxford Apptt., I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Deepa Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Swati Apptt., I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Konark Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Link Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Sadbhavana, Apptt.,I.P.Extn Patparganj ; Mother Dairy Flats, I.P.Extn ; Dhurva Apartments,I.P.Extension Patparganj ; Deshbandhu Apartments,I.P.Extension Patparganj ; Navkala Apartments, I.P.Extension Patparganj ; Navkunj, Apptt.,I.P.Extension Patparganj
Kalyan Vas Kalyanvas ; New Block No-34, Kalyanvas ; New Block No. 43, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-49, Kalyanvas ; New Block No – 50, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-46, Kalyanvas ; New Block No.38,Kalyanvas ; New Block No.47,Kalyanvas ; New Block No-42, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-48, Kalyanvas ; 1,Kalyanvas ; 1New Block No.36,Kalyanvas ; 1New Block No.37,Kalyanvas , Kalyanvas ; New Block No-56, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-57, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-64, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-24, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-25, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-26, Kalyanvas ; New Block -45,Kalyanvas ; New Block No.39,Kalyanvas ; New Block No.41,Kalyanvas ; 1New Block No. 44,Kalyanvas ; 1New Block No.40,Kalyanvas , Kalyanvas ; New Block No-1, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-5, Kalyanvas ; New Boclk No-7, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-9, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-17, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-23, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-6, Kalyanvas ; New Block No-14, Kalyanvas ; Lbs Hospital Campus, Khichripur ; Jhuggi Kalyanvas Gate,
Khichripur Village Khichri Pur Village ; Subhash Market,Khichripur ; Block-8, Khichripur ; Block-8, Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Khichripur ; Jhuggies, Block-5,Khichri Pur ; Block-8, Khichri Pur ; Jhuggies, Block-8, Khichripur ; Block No-7, Khichri Pur ; Block No-7 Jhuggies, Khichri Pur ; Block No-6, Khichri Pur ; Block No-6, Market, Khichri Pur ; Block No-7, Khichri Pur ; Jhuggies, Block No.-6, Khichri Pur ; T-Camp, Block-A, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block No-B, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-C, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-D, Khichri Pur ; T-Camp, Block-E, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-F, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-G, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-H, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp,Block-I, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp,Block-J, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-K, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-L, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-M, Khichri Pur ; T-Camp, Block-N, Khichri Pur ; T- Camp, Block-O, Khichri Pur ; T-Camp, Block-P, Khichri Pur
Mandawali Main Road, Mandawali ; Mandawali Village, L.P.S,Block, Mandawali ; MCD School Main Road, Mandawali ; Near Main Road, Mandawal ; Chhota Chowk,Mandawali ; Bada Chowk, Mandawali ; Balmiki Gali, Mandawali Village ; Bodal Gali, Mandawali Village ; Chhota Chowk , Mandawali Village ; Bada Chowk, Mandawali ; Asha Ram Gali, Mandawali ; Hanuman Gali, Mandawali ; Pandit Chowk, Mandawali ; Mata Marg Mata Wali Gali, Mandawali ; Railway Calony, (Block-229),Mandawali ; Pal Mohalla, Mandawali ; Railway Colony, Mandawali ; Uttari School Block, Mandawali Fazal Pur. ; School Block, Mandawali ; A-Block , Mandawali (Unchepar) ; B-Block, Mandawali (Unchepar) ; D-Block, Mandawali (Unchepar) ; E-Block, Mandawali (Unchepar) ; C-Block, Mandawali Unchepar ; D-Block, Mandawali Unchepar ; F-Block, Mandawali Unchepur ; Chander Vihar, Mandawali ; Utari School Block, Mandawali ; Uttari School Block, Mandawali ; A-Block, Chander Vihar Mandawali ; B-Block, Chander Vihar Mandawali ; C-Block , Chander Vihar Mandawali ; Main Chander Vihar, Mandawali ; Main Chander Vihar, Mandawali ; A-Block Guru Nanak Gali, Mandawali ; A-Block Sunder Gali Shiv Mandir Gali, Mandawali ; B-Block, Mandawali Fazalpur ; Subhash Gali, Mandawali ; Ram Gali, Mandawali ; Gurdwara Gali, Mandawali ; Chand Maszid , Mandawali ; Zaidi Gali, Mandawali ; Shanti Mohalla,Mandawali ; Shankar Marg, Mandawali ; Shankar Marg SiDDArth Gali, Mandawali ; School Block,Indra Colony, Mandawali
Mayur Vihar Phase-I Pkt Iv, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; N T R O Campus, Pocket-4, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Pocket-Iv, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Durga Mandir Pocket-4, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Pocket-Iv, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Arya Samaj And Ssv Mandir, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Parwana Apptts.,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Manas Vihar Appartment,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Jhuggi Camp,Yamuna Khadar ; I.F.S. Apptt, Mayur Vihar Ph I ; Sahyog Apptt, Mayur Vihar Ph I ; Maitri Apptts, Mayur Vihar Ph I ; Hindustan Times Apptt, Mayur Vihar, Phase-I ; P-Block, Pandav Nagar ; Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Nav Bharat Times Appts.,Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Fine Home Apptt, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Supereme Enclave Apptts, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Supreme Enclave Tower, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Akhil Bhartiya Panchayat Parishad, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Amar Jyoti Apptts, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Bhagyawan Apptts, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Akash Darshan Apptts, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Anand Lok Apptts, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Manu Apptt, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Una Enclave, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Gyandeep Apptt, Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Mavilla Apptt, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Delhi Police Apptt, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Hanuman Mandir, Mayur Vihar Phase I ; Glaxo Apptt,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Lovely Apptt,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Delhi Advertising Cghs,Mayur Vihar Phase – I ; Kala Vihar Apptt,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Nirman Apptt,Mayur Vihar Phase-I ; Samachar Apptt,Mayur Vihar Phase-I
Mayur Vihar Phase-II Pocket-E, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pocket-D, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pocket-B, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pocket-A, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pocket- A, Ram Mandir, Mayur Vihar Ph II ; Pocket- F, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Masjid, Pocket- F, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pocket-F, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Pkt-F, Kalibari Mandir, Mayur Vihar Phase II ; Pocket-C, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ; Temple, Pocket C, Mayur Vihar Phase-II ;
Pandav Nagar Block-F, Pandav Nagar ; Block-E, Pandav Nagar ; Block-C, Janta Garden, Pandav Nagar ; Durga Mandir, Pandav Nagar
Patparganj Village Block-A, Jawahar Mohalla, Acharya Niketan ; Block-B, Jawahar Mohalla, Acharya Niketan ; Block-B, Jhuggies,Jawahar Mohalla, Patparganj ; Block-A, Harijan Basti, Acharya Niketan ; Block-B , Harijan Basti, Acharya Niketan ; Block-D, Harijan Basti , Acharya Niketan ; Block-A, Jhuggies, Shastri Mohalla, Patparganj ; Block-B, Jhuggies, Shastri Mohalla, Patparganj ; Jhuggies,Khokha Patri Camp, Shashi Garden More Patparganj ; Jhuggies Pt.Ram Prashad Bismil Camp, Shashi Garden More Patparganj ; Juggies,Mahatma Gandhi Camp , Patpar Ganj ; Gharonda Neem Ka Banger, Patpar Ganj Village ; Bapu Nature Cure Hospital, Patpar Ganj Village ; Shiv Mandir, Patpar Ganj Village ; Digamber Jain Mandir, Patpar Ganj Village ; MCD Staff Qtrs, Patpar Ganj Village ; Adarsh Mohalla, Patpar Ganj Village ; Harijan Basti, Patpar Ganj Village
Shashi Garden Block-C, Shashi Garden, Patparganj ; Block-E, Shashi Garden ; Block-A, Shashi Garden, Patparganj ; Block-B, Shashi Garden, Patparganj ; Block-D, Shashi Garden, Patparganj ; Devi Temple, Shashi Garden ; Block-B, Shashi Garden, Patpar Ganj. ;
West Vinod Nagar E-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; A-Block, North Vinod Nagar ; B-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; A-Block , West Vinod Nagar ; F-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; C-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; D-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; A- Block, West Vinod Nagar ; B-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; C-Block, West Vinod Nagar ; D-Block, West Vinod Nagar

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