Nangloi jat (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


Nangloi Jat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Nangloi Jats comes under the North West Delhi constituency. Jats and Yadavs form the majority of the residents. Nangloi used to have many agricultural lands but majority of them have now been used for building industrial units and for settlement purposes. The present MLA of the constituency is Manoj Kumar Shokeen who won the constituency in 2013 assembly elections.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Nangloi jat assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Nangloi jat Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 11 Nangloi Jat GEN Manoj Kumar Shokeen M BJP 57449 Dr. Bijender Singh M INC 46434
2008 11 Nangloi Jat GEN Bijender Singh M INC 48009 Raj Singh M BJP 30449
2003 25 Nangloi Jat GEN Bijender Singh M INC 42158 Devinder Singh M BJP 34116
1998 25 Nangloi Jat GEN Prem Chand M INC 30533 Devender Singh M BJP 27706
1993 25 Nangloi Jat GEN Davinder Singh M BJP 28427 Bharat Singh M INC 16287
1972 21 Nangloi GEN Bharat Singh M INC 18633 Sunder Singh M BJS 8917
1951 38 Nangloi GEN Brahm Prakash M INC 7218 Balbir Singh M SP 2701


Localities of Nangloi Jat Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Nangloi Jat Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Adhyapak Nagar Block-G, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-D, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-G, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi; Block-D, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-F, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi; Block-H, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-K,Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi; Block-I, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-J, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi; Block-E, Adhyapak Nagar,Nangloi
Aman Puri Block-C, Aman Puri Qumaruddin Nagar,Nangloi ; Block-D, Aman Puri Qumaruddin Nagar,Nangloi; Block-B Aman Puri, Qumeruddin Nagar,Nangloi ; Block A , Aman Puri, Qumeruddin Nagar,Nangloi
Ambika Enclave Block-A, Ambica Enclave,Nihal Vihar, Ph-II; Block-B, Ambica Enclave,Nihal Vihar, Ph-II; Block-C, Ambika Enclave,Nihal Vihar, Ph-II
Ambika Vihar. Paschim Vihar Ambika Vihar,Paschim Vihar
Bhera Enclave Bhera Enclave,Paschim Vihar
Bhim Nagar Camp No-2, T- Huts, Bhim Nagar; Camp No-1 T-Huts, Bhim Nagar ; Camp No-2 T-Huts, Bhim Nagar,Bhim Nagar; Camp No-3 T-Huts, Bhim Nagar
Chandan Vihar Block-B, Chandan Vihar, Nihal Vihar,Phase II, Nangloi Jat.
Guru Har Kishan Paschim Vihar Block – M, Guru Harkishan Nagar,Paschim Vihar
Jiwan Niketan Paschim Vihar Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block – C, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block- E, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block-G, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block-H, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block-J, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block-K, Jiwan Niketan,Paschim Vihar
JJ Colony Block “X” Block-L, J J Colony No- III,Nangloi; Block-X, J J Colony No-I,Nangloi ; Block-X, Lohar Camp, J J Colony Camp-III,Nangloi; Block-X, J J Colony-I,Nangloi ; JJ Colony-I Block-Y,Nangloi
JJ Colony-III Block M & N Block-N, J J Colony – III, Nangloi ; DDA Flats, J J Colony – III, Nangloi
Jwala Puri Block C, Camp No.4,Jwala Puri, Block R, Camp No.5,Jawala Puri ; Block R, DDA Market, Camp No.5,Jawala Puri; T Huts, Sardar Patel Camp No. 4, Jwala Puri ; T Huts, Pvc Market, Ch.Prem Sukh Marg, Jwala Puri; Block B, Camp No.4,Jawala Puri ; Block R, Camp No.5,Jawala Puri; Block A, Camp No.4,Jawala Puri ; Block A, Relief Camp,Jawala Puri; Block A, Camp No.4,Jwala Puri ; Block A, M & Cw Center, MCD, Camp No.4,Jwala Puri ; Block A, DDA Market, Camp No.4,Jawala Puri ; E.S.I. Dispensary, Jwala Puri,Nangloi; Block-A, Jeevan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Block- B, Jeevan Niketan,Paschim Vihar ; Jwalapuri , Fire Station,Paschim Vihar ; Block-A, Gh-17 , Mtnl Staff Quarter,Paschim Vihar ; Block-B, Gh-17 , Mtnl Staff Quarter,Paschim Vihar ; Block-C, Gh-17 , Mtnl Staff Quarter,Paschim Vihar ; Block-D, Gh-17, Mtnl Staff Quarter,Paschim Vihar T Huts, H.M.B., Jwala Puri; Block B, Camp No.4,Jawala Puri Block B, Camp No. 4,Jwala Puri ; Block B , Gurdwara, Camp No.4,Jwala Puri ; Block B, DDA Market,Jawala Puri
Kavita Colony Kavita Colony, Nangloi
Laxmi Park Block-G, Laxmi Park,Nangloi ; Laxmi Park Block-H,Nangloi; Block-F, Laxmi Park,Nangloi; Block-Rz, Laxmi Park Colony,Village Nangloi ; Block-Rz, Saini Colony,Village Nangloi ; Hanuman Enclave,Village Nangloi; Block-C, Laxmi Park,Nangloi; Block-E, Laxmi Park,Nangloi; Block-D, Laxmi Park,Nangloi; Rao Vihar,Village Nangloi ; Ruchi Vihar, Nangloi; Block-A, Laxmi Park,Nangloi; Block -B, Laxmi Park,Nangloi
Meera Bagh Block -A, Meera Bagh,Paschim Vihar ; Block-Gh-5&7,Paschim Vihar
Mianwali Nagar Block C-1, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block-C-2, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block C-5, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block C-6, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block C-7, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block C-8, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Dav School, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block Ew, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block Ns, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block Rr, Hb Society,Mianwali Nagar ; 1D D A Janta Flats, Near Mian Wali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; 1Ewi Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar; Block B-1, Hb Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-2, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-3, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-4, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-5, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-6, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-7, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block B-9, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar ; Block Bc, H B Society,Mianwali Nagar
Nangloi Vill. Gali Jat Chowk,Village Nangloi ; Krishan Mandir Wali Gali,Village Nangloi; Ahir Mohalla, Najafgarh, Road,Nangloi ; Ahir Mohalla, Post Office Wali Gali,Village Nangloi; Krishan Mandir Wali Gali,Village Nangloi ; Bhooto Wali Gali,Village Nangloi; Vishal Colony,Nangloi; Block-L, J J Colony- III, Nangloi ; Block-Y, J J Colony- I, Nangloi; Block-Y, Janta Market Camp-I,Nangloi ; Block-Y, J J Colony-1, Nangloi; Block-Y, J J Colony-I , Nangloi ; Block-Y, T-Huts, J J Colony- I, Nangloi
Nihal Vihar Block -RZB, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi; Block-K-2, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat ; Block-S, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block- K, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block-R, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block-S, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block-G, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block-Rzq , Nihal Vihar,Nangloi ; Block-Rzu, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi ; Block-Rzv, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi; Block-E, Nihal Vihar,Village Nangloi Jat; Block-F, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Rzq , Nihal Vihar,Nangloi; Block -Rzc, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi; Block-H, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi Jat; Block-D, Nihal Vihar,Nangloi; Block-A,Nihal Vihar
Paschim Vihar Gh-10, Sunder Apptt.,Paschim Vihar; Sunder Vihar,Paschim Vihar; Block-Gh-12,Paschim Vihar ; Sunder Vihar,Paschim Vihar; Block Gh-6 (White Appt.),Paschim Vihar ; Gh-6 (White Apptt.),Paschim Vihar ; Gh-6, Prachin Apartments,Paschim Vihar; Block, Gh-5 & 7,Paschim Vihar Vidhyachal Housing Society,Paschim Vihar ; Poojari App. , Shiv Vihar,Paschim Vihar ; Shiv Vihar Appt.Rohtak Road,Paschim Vihar Vidhya Appartment,Inder Enclave ; Lord Budha Appartment,Paschim Vihar ; Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; Virat Housing Society, Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; Siddharth Housing Society, Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar; Gh-13 , Sfs Flats,Paschim Vihar ; Gh-14 , Mig Flats,Paschim Vihar; Gh-14, M.I.G Flats,Paschim Vihar ; Lake View Appartment,Paschim Vihar; Pocket A-1, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-2, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-3, Miawali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-4, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-5, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-6, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket A-7, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket B, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket C, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; Pocket Ab, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; 1Pocket Ns, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar ; 1S.D. Mandir, Mianwali Nagar,Paschim Vihar; Ashoka Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; S D Mandir, Ashoka Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; Servant Quarter, Ashoka Enclave,Paschim Vihar; Block Gh-9,Paschim Vihar; Paschim Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; S D Mandir, Paschim Enclave,Paschim Vihar; Jahaz Housing Society Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; Defence Housing Society, Inder Enclave,Paschim Vihar; T-Huts, (Hmb), S.P Camp No.-4,Paschim Vihar ; R, (Hmb), T-Huts Sardar Patel Camp No. 4, Near Shiv Vihar, Paschim Vihar; Gurudwara Chowk- , Nangloi Sayeed,Paschim Vihar ; Nangloi Sayeed,Gyaneshwari School Road Paschim Vihar ; Near Chhota Shiv Mandir- , Nangloi Sayeed,Paschim Vihar ; Nangloi Sayeed,Mandir , Masjid Chowk-,Paschim Vihar; Ekta Enclave,Paschim Vihar ; S D Mandir, Ekta Enclave,Paschim Vihar; Libral Housing Society,Paschim Vihar ; Madhur Housing Society,Paschim Vihar ; Venus Appartment,Paschim Vihar
Peera Garhi Udyog Nagar T-Huts, Peera Garhi,Paschim Vihar; Village Peera Garhi,Paschim Vihar
Punjabi Basti Block-A, Punjabi Basti,Nangloi ; Block-B, Punjabi Basti,Nangloi ; Block-C, Punjabi Basti,Nangloi ; Block-D, Punjabi Basti,Nangloi
Qamruddin Nagar Shiv Ram Park Block-E 1, Qamaruddin Nagar Shiv Ram Park,Nangloi; Block-C, Shivram Park,Nangloi ; Block-C, Extn. Shivram Park,Nangloi; Block-E Qamrddin Nagar, Shivram Park,Nangloi; Block-D, Qamardin Nagar, Shivram Park,Nangloi ; Block-F, Shivram Park,Nangloi; Blcok-A, Shiv Ram Park,Nangloi ; Block-B, Shiv Ram Park,Nangloi ; Block-B, Shiv Ram Park,Nangloi , Block – E 3 , Shiv Ram Park,Qamruddin Nagar Nangloi; Block – E-2 , Shiv Ram Park,Qamruddin Nagar Nangloi
Saini Mohalla Saini Mohalla,Village Nangloi; Arya Mohalla,Nangloi ; Nai Basti,Nangloi ; Wireless Colony,Nangloi; Ahir Mohalla,Nangloi ; Saini Mohalla Near Shiv Mandir,Nangloi ; Naresh Park,Nangloi ; Naresh Park Ext.,Nangloi; Ashok Mohalla,Nangloi ; Ashok Mohalla,Nangloi ; Ashok Mohalla , Gali No. 2,Nangloi
Sangam Appt. Paschim Vihar Sangam Appartment,Paschim Vihar ; Ambika Vihar,Pachim Vihar; Sunder Vihar,Paschim Vihar
Shiv Park Vill. Nangloi Shiv Park,Village Nangloi ; Block-A, Shiv Park,Village Nangloi; Block-B, Shiv Park,Village Nangloi ; Block-C, Shiv Park,Village Nangloi ; Block-D, Shiv Park,Village Nangloi
Shiv Ram Park Block-I, Shiv Ram Park,Village Nangloi ; Block -J, Shiv Ram Park,Village Nangloi; Block B-1, Shiv Ram Park,Village Nangloi ; Block E-2, Shiv Ram Park,Village Nangloi; Block-G, Shiv Ram Park ; Block-H, Shivram Park
Vandana Vihar Block-C, Vandana Vihar,Village Nangloi Jat ; Ashok Mohalla, Nangloi,Phase II Ext
Yadav Park Extn. Yadav Park Ext. Najafgarh Road,Nangloi

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