Uttam Nagar (Delhi) Assembly Constituency Elections


Uttam nagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Uttam Nagar which is a part of West Delhi parliamentary constituency is one of the 70 assembly constituencies. The constituency which was a Congress bastion since 1993 is now of BJP candidate Pawan Sharma’s constituency. The main issues of the constituency are crisis of drinking water and stoped developmental works.


List of Sitting and Previous MLAs of Uttam Nagar assembly constituency

Below Here year-wise list of MLAs of Uttam Nagar Assembly Constituency with their party name :

Year A.C No. Assembly Constituency Name Type Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
2013 32 Uttam Nagar GEN Pawan Sharma M BJP 48377 Mukesh Sharma M INC 42031
2008 32 Uttam Nagar GEN Mukesh Sharma M INC 46765 Pawan Sharma M BJP 39582
2003 27 Hastsal GEN Mukesh Sharma M INC 70495 Rajesh F BJP 51207
1998 27 Hastsal GEN Mukesh Sharma M INC 48146 Naresh Tyagi M BJP 24858
1993 27 Hastsal GEN Mukesh Sharma M INC 25193 Kamla Choudhary F BJP 17723


Localities of Uttam Nagar Assembly Constituency

Names of the localities of Uttam Nagar Assembly Constituency and areas they cover, are enlisted in the table below:

Locality Name Areas falling under the Locality
Anand Vihar Block-R,Old Uttam Nagar ; B Block Anand Vihar,Old Uttam Nagar ; C-Block Anand Vihar,Old Uttam Nagar; A- Block,Anand Vihar Old Uttam Nagar ; B-Block,Anand Vihar Old Uttam Nagar; R-Block Gurpreet Nagar,Old Uttam Nagar ; Manjeet Farm Dal Mill Road,Uttam Nagar
Anoop Nagar Anoop Nagar, Block – C,Bindapur ; Anoop Nagar, Block – D,Bindapur; Anoop Nagar, Block – A,Bindapur ; Anoop Nagar, Block – B,Bindapur
Bhagwati Garden Block – A,Bhagwati Garden Main ; Block – A,Bhagwati Garden Extn; Block – B,Bhagwati Garden Main ; Block – C,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – C 1,Bhagwati Extn ; Block C-4,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block -D,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Jai Bharat Enclave,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Dewan Estate,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Amar Complex,Bhagwati Garden Ext ; Jaggi Farm,Bhagwati Garden Main Block A, Siddhantri Enclave,Bhagwati Garden Extn; Block-A,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – B,Bhagwati Garden Extn; Block – C2,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block -C 3,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – E,Bhagwati Garden Extn; Block F,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – G,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – H,Bhagwati Garden Extn; Block – Jk,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – N,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – Rk,Bhagwati Garden Extn ; Block – Rz,Bhagwati Garden Extn
Bhagwati Vihar Block V, Sector C,Bhagwati Vihar; Block – V, Sector A,Bhagwati Vihar; Block -V, Sector-D,Bhagwati Vihar; Block V, Sector C,Bhagwati Vihar; Block V Sector A,Bhagwati Vihar
Binda Pur Block – A,Bindapur Extn.; Village,Bindapur ; Harijan Colony,Bindapur; Block – B,Bindapur Extn.; Block – C,Bindapur Extn. ; Block – D,Bindapur Extn.; Block – A,Dda Flats Bindapur ; Block – C,Dda Flats Binda Pur; Block – B,Dda Flats Bindapur; Block – D,Dda Flats Bindapur; Block – E,Dda Flats Bindapur ; Block – F,Dda Flats Bindapur; Block- B, Pocket-4, Jj Colony,Bindapur; Block C, J.J. Colony,Bindapur ; Block-D , J.J. Colony,Bindapur ; Pocket-4, J.J. Colony,Bindapur; Block – A, Uttam Nagar,Bindapur Extn. ; Block – B, Uttam Nagar,Bindapur Extn. ; Block – C, Uttam Nagar,Bindapur Extn.; Block-E J.J. Colony,Bindapur; Block A, Jj Colony,Bindapur
Geeta Enclave Block- O, Ext.,Geeta Enclave; Block-O,Geeta Enclave
Gulab Bagh Block-C,Gulab Bagh ; D-Block,Gulab Bagh; Block-A,Gulab Bagh ; Block-B,Gulab Bagh
Indra Park Block- B Indira Park ; Indira Park Extn Part-I ; Block-E,East ; Indra Park Prajapati Colony,Bindapur
Janaki Puri D-Block,New Janki Puri; Block-B,New Janki Puri ; Block – C,New Janki Puri; Gram Sabha Colony,Bindapur ; Gram Sabha Colony,Bindapur ; B-Block Old Janki Puri,Bindapur ; Harijan Basti,Bindapur ; Block – A,Old Janki Puri
Kesho Ram Park Block-A,Kesho Ram Park ; Block-B,Kesho Ram Park
Kiran Garden B-Block,Kiran Garden ; C-Block,Kiran Garden; G Block ,,Kiran Garden; Block-B1,Kiran Garden ; Block-D,Kiran Garden ; Block -E,Kiran Garden; A-Block,Kiran Garden
Mohan Garden Block – L2 B,Mohan Garden ; Block L1A,Mohan Garden; Block – L2 C,Mohan Garden ; Block – L2 D,Mohan Garden ; Block – L3,Mohan Garden; K-1 Extn.Gurudwara Road; K-1 Extn. Jaildar Enclave; Block-D & D Extn,Mohan Garden ; Block-D,Mohan Garden ; Block-D Extn,Mohan Garden; Block-B Extn.,Mohan Garden; Block- C,Mohan Garden ; C-Block,Mohan Garden ; Block C-1,Mohan Garden; Block-D & D Extn,Mohan Garden; Pratap Enclave,Mohan Garden; Block-Q,Mohan Garden ; Block-Q1,Mohan Garden; S Block,Mohan Garden ; S – Ext,Mohan Garden ; S Block,Mohan Garden; Block – M,Mohan Garden ; Block New Ms,Mohan Garden Ram Chander Enclave,Mohan Garden; Block A-3,Mohan Garden; Block A-1 & A-2,Mohan Garden ; Block A-1,Mohan Garden ; Block A-2,Mohan Garden; Block-F,Mohan Garden ; Block-F1,Mohan Garden; L Ext , Part-I,Mohan Garden ; L Ext , Part-I I,Mohan Garden ; L Ext , Part-I I I,Mohan Garden; L Ext Near Govt. Ss School,Mohan Garden; Block – L 1,Mohan Garden ; Block – L-2,Mohan Garden ; Block – L,Mohan Garden; Block-Ms Extn.,Mohan Garden ; Block-Ms,Mohan Garden; Block – We,Mohan Garden ; Block We, Central Market,Mohan Garden L Ext Near Govt. Ss School,Mohan Garden; Block -P,Mohan Garden; Block – R2,Mohan Garden ; Block-R3A,Mohan Garden; Block-R-3 A2,Mohan Garden Block K1,Mohan Garden; Laxmi Vihar,Mohan Garden ; Sethi Enclave,Mohan Garden ; Block -D Extension,,Mohan Garden Near Laxmi Vihar ; K-1, Laxmi Vihar,Mohan Garden; Block – L1,Mohan Garden ; Block – L2 A,Mohan Garden Block-Z,Mohan Garden ; Avtar Vihar,Mohan Garden; Block P Ext.-I,Mohan Garden ; Block-P Ext.-Ii,Mohan Garden ; Block-P,Mohan Garden; Block K2,Mohan Garden; Block K-1 Extn./ Jaildar Enclave,Mohan Garden; Vijay Nagar,Mohan Garden; Block-R3 B,Mohan Garden ; Block-R Extension,Mohan Garden; Block- R 3,Mohan Garden; Block – R,Mohan Garden ; Block – R1,Mohan Garden; Block-B,,Mohan Garden; N-3 Block, Between Dk Road And Gurudwara Road,Mohan Garden ; Gram Sabha,Mohan Garden; N-2, Block, Between D.K. Road And Gurudwara Road,Mohan Garden ; N-Extn Block, Between D.K. Road And Gurudwara Road,Mohan Garden; Block-A Extn,Mohan Garden ; Block -E,Mohan Garden; Block-A 1,Mohan Garden ; Block-A,Mohan Garden; Shakti Vihar Block A,Mohan Garden ; Shakti Vihar Block B,Mohan Garden; Block I,Mohan Garden ; Block F-2,Mohan Garden ; Block -G,Mohan Garden; Block – L,Mohan Garden; Laxmi Vihar,Mohan Garden; Block K3,Mohan Garden ; Block K4,Mohan Garden; Block -H,Mohan Garden; Block -J,Mohan Garden ; Block-K,Mohan Garden ; Block -L, Rama Park Road,Mohan Garden ; Gram Sabha Near H-Block,Mohan Garden; Block N, Gurudwara Road,Mohan Garden ; N- Extn. Block, Gurudwara Road,Mohan Garden
Nand Ram Park Block B,Nand Ram Park ; Block – Q, Bhagat Enclave,Bindapur Extn.; Block G,Nand Ram Park; Block-A,Nand Ram Park
Nawada Block-L Shyam Park,Nawada ; Block-M Shyam Park,Nawada ; Nawada Village,
Nawada Housing Complex Nawada Housing Complex , Block – C,Nawada ; Nawada Housing Complex, Cr – Block,Nawada ; Nawada Housing Complex, Block – E,Nawada ; Nawada Housing Complex, Block-R5,Nawada ; Nawada Housing Complex, Block – R42,Nawada ; Nawada Housing Complex, Block – R42,Nawada ; Block-F,Nawada Housing Complex ; Nawada,Laxman Puri
New Janaki Puri B – Block,New Janki Puri ; Block – C ,,New Janaki Puri
Om Vihar B- Block,Om Vihar Phase Iii ; Om Vihar Phase Iii,Hastsal; Phase-Iii Chawla Farm,Om Vihar ; Nawada Extension,Nawada ; Block-C, Phase-Iii,Om Vihar ; Phase-4,Om Vihar; Block – A Near Gagan Bharti School,Om Vihar ; Block -B Near Gagan Bharti School,Om Vihar ; Block – C, Near Gagan Bharti School,Om Vihar; Block-A,Ram Nagar Om Vihar ; Block-B,Ram Nagar Om Vihar ; Block-C,Ram Nagar Om Vihar; Phase-1A,Om Vihar; Phase-Ii,Om Vihar; Phase-1,Om Vihar; Om Vihar Phase Iii,Hastsal
Pratap Garden Block – D,Pratap Garden; Block – E,Pratap Garden; Block B,Pratap Garden, Bindapur; Block- C-1,Pratap Garden; Block – A,Pratap Garden ; Block – C,Pratap Garden
Rama Park Block-B,Rama Park; Block -C,Rama Park ; Block-C1,,Rama Park ; Block-C,Rama Park Extn ; Block-G,Rama Park ; Block-H,Rama Park ; Block A-1,Sewak Park Extn; Block-A,Rama Park
Rohtash Nagar Block-Rz, Rohtas Nagar,Bindapur ; Block-Rza, Rohtas Nagar,Bindapur
Sanjay Enclave Block B-1,Sanjay Enclave ; Block C-1,Sanjay Enclave; Block- A-1,Sanjay Enclave ; Block- A,Sanjay Enclave ; Block- B,Sanjay Enclave; Block C-1,Sanjay Enclave; Block- C,Sanjay Enclave ; Block -D,Sanjay Enclave
Santosh Park Santosh Park
Sewak Park Block -E,Sewak Park ; Block -F,Sewak Park ; Block A,Sewak Park ; Block A 1,Sewak Park ; Block B,Sewak Park ; Shiv Vihar,Sewak Park; Gram Sabha Houses,Sewak Park ; Block C,Sewak Park ; Block B-2,Sewak Park; Block B-1,Sewak Park; Block- D,Sewak Park
Subhash Park Block-B, Subhash Park Extn. ; Block- A,Subhash Park ; Block- B,Subhash Park ; Block-C,Subhash Park; Block-D,Subhash Park ; Extension – Ii,,Subhash Park
Uttam Nagar Mangal Bazar Road Param Puri ; Rz – Block,New ; A-Block,Shish Ram Park; Block-B,Shish Ram Park; T Block Shukar Bazar ; Block – T, Shukur Bazar Road ; Tb-Block ; Ta – Block ; Q- Extn.,Uttam Vihar
Vani Vihar R -Block,Vani Vihar; S- Block,Param Puri
Vijay Vihar N- Block,Vijay Vihar ; S-Block,Vijay Vihar; O Block,Vijay Vihar ; P-Block,Vijay Vihar; R-1 Block,Vijay Vihar
Vikas Vihar Q-Block Vikas Vihar; Manas Kunj, Vikas Vihar ; R-Extn.Vikas Vihar
Vipin Garden Vipin Garden Extn; Nawada,Sainik Enclave Vipin Garden ; Block – Rr,Nawada Housing Complex ; Nawada,Vipin Garden Extn; Block -A,Vipin Garden ; Block -B,Vipin Garden ; Block -C,Vipin Garden; North Block -B,Vipin Garden ; Block D,Nawada Housing Complex; Block – A,Vipin Garden North ; Block R – 2,,Nawada Housing Complex ; Block R – 3,,Nawada Housing Complex ; Block R – 4,,Nawada Housing Complex ; Block R – 5,,Nawada Housing Complex ; Block Rr 5,Nawada Housing Complex
Vishu Vihar Chota Vishu Vihar,Bhagwati Vihar

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