India Lok Sabha Election – 1967

The 4th Lok Sabha elections were held in February 1967. Elections were won by INC but by very less number of seats.

The political background for 1967 elections.

In the beginning of the tenure of the Congress government, dissatisfaction among the people rose as the government lost track of its vision and the ministers ended up being corrupt. Other political parties started to move front seeing the chance to win people’s vote in the current scenario.

There were few reasons for the downfall of the party during that time. Prominent Congress leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri died during that time. It was followed by a fight between Indira Gandhi and Moraji Desai for being the prime minister of India. It led to internal crisis and party was split into two parts – Congress O and Congress I. Indira Gandhi was the head of the ruling party and was not ready to continue the term with the minority government. She called for elections in 1970.

The result of 4th Lok Sabha elections

Congress won the elections but with less number of seats compared to the last elections. They won 283 seats which was low compared to the last result where they had acquired 361 seats. Swatantra Party won 42 seats and was on the fourth position while Jan Sangh won 35 seats and secured third position. Indira Gandhi won the elections and became the first woman prime minister of India.

4th Lok Sabha Election results – 1967


State Winning Party Number of Seats
Andaman And Nicobar Islands INC 1
Andhra Pradesh CPI 1
INC 35
Assam AHL 1
INC 10
Bihar BJS 1
INC 34
Chandigarh BJS 1
Dadra And Nagar Haveli INC 1
Delhi BJS 6
Goa, Daman And Diu IND 1
Gujarat INC 11
SWA 12
Haryana BJS 1
Himachal Pradesh INC 6
Jammu and Kashmir INC 5
Kerala CPI 3
Laccadive, Minicoy And Amindivi Islands IND 1
Madhya Pradesh BJS 10
INC 25
Madras CPM 4
DMK 25
Maharashtra CPI 2
INC 37
Manipur CPI 1
Mysore INC 18
Nagaland NNO 1
Orissa INC 6
Pondicherry INC 1
Punjab ADS 3
Rajasthan BJS 3
INC 10
Tripura INC 2
Uttar Pradesh BJS 2
BJS 10
INC 48
West Bengal CPI 1
INC 14
Total Result 520

General Election 1967 results – list of winners and runner ups of election.


State PC No. PC Name Category Winner Sex Party Vote Runner Up Sex Party Vote
Andhra Pradesh 1 Srikakulam GEN G. Latchanna M SWA 189771 B. Rajagopalrao M INC 129413
Andhra Pradesh By Polls (1967) Srikakulam GEN G.Ranga M SWA 173556 R.R.Boddepalli M INC 120912
Andhra Pradesh 2 Parvathipuram (ST) V.N. Rao M SWA 161009 B. Satyanarayana M INC 125429
Andhra Pradesh 3 Bobbili GEN K.N. Rao M INC 146553 S. Subbinaidu M IND 71356
Andhra Pradesh 4 Visakhapatnam GEN T. Viswanatham M IND 136766 P. Venkatrao M INC 102693
Andhra Pradesh 5 Bhadrachalam (ST) B.K. Radhabai F INC 121630 K.P. Santharaju M CPM 54395
Andhra Pradesh 6 Anakapalli GEN M. Suryanarayanamurthy M INC 165121 V.V. Ramana M SWA 162097
Andhra Pradesh 7 Kakinada GEN T.R. Mosaliganti M INC 168647 P.S. Sarma M CPI 138647
Andhra Pradesh 8 Rajahmundry GEN D.S. Raju M INC 227154 N.R. Motha M IND 92241
Andhra Pradesh 9 Amalapuram (SC) S. Bayya M INC 141722 D. Eda M CPI 78456
Andhra Pradesh 10 Narsapuram GEN D. Balaramarajau M INC 185274 U. Raman M CPM 148721
Andhra Pradesh 11 Eluru GEN K. Suryanarayan M INC 163360 V. Vimaludevi M CPI 161407
Andhra Pradesh 12 Gudivada GEN M. Ankineedu M INC 139238 Y. Nagabhushanam M CPM 99040
Andhra Pradesh 13 Vijayawada GEN K.L. Rao M INC Uncontested
Andhra Pradesh 14 Machilipatnam GEN Y.A. Arasad M INC 199885 M.H. Rao M CPM 122293
Andhra Pradesh 15 Ongole GEN K. Jaggaiah M INC 212071 M. Narayanaswamy M CPM 131613
Andhra Pradesh 16 Guntur GEN K. Raghuramaiah M INC 237225 N.V. Laxminarasimharao M IND 120193
Andhra Pradesh 17 Narasaraopet GEN M. Sudarsanam M INC 185963 T.K. Chowdary M SWA 121532
Andhra Pradesh 18 Kavali GEN R.D. Reddy M INC 208098 D.K. Choudary M SWA 159944
Andhra Pradesh 19 Nellore (SC) B. Anjanappa M INC 130981 E.V. Chinnaiah M IND 113998
Andhra Pradesh 20 Tirupati (SC) C. Dass M INC 146238 C.V.S. Moorthy M SWA 139469
Andhra Pradesh 21 Chittoor GEN N.P.C. Naidu M INC 186594 N.G. Ranga M SWA 158931
Andhra Pradesh 22 Rajampet GEN P. Parthasarathy M INC 189874 C.L.N. Reddy M SWA 123325
Andhra Pradesh 23 Cuddapah GEN Y.E. Reddy M CPI 191736 K. Ramasubbamma M INC 154017
Andhra Pradesh 24 Hindupur GEN S. R. Neelam F INC 144438 K. V. S. Reedy M SWA 102202
Andhra Pradesh 25 Anantapur GEN P. A. Reddy M INC 135685 I. Sadasivan M CPI 73071
Andhra Pradesh 26 Kurnool GEN Y. G. Linganagowda M SWA 160080 D. Sanjeevayya M INC 149297
Andhra Pradesh 27 Nandyal GEN P. V.Subbaiah M INC 262256 S. Reddy M CPI 93431
Andhra Pradesh 28 Nagarkurnool (SC) J. B. M. Rao M INC 129636 Y. Danayya M IND 89977
Andhra Pradesh 29 Mahabubnagar GEN J. R. Rao M INC 177320 M. Kistayya M IND 87503
Andhra Pradesh 30 Hyderabad GEN G. S. Melkote M INC 115709 V. R. Rao M IND 70124
Andhra Pradesh 31 Secunderabad GEN B. A. Mirza M INC 119346 A. Lakshminarayana M IND 36814
Andhra Pradesh 32 Siddipet (SC) G. Venkatswamy M INC 161273 A. R. Devraj M CPI 63443
Andhra Pradesh 33 Medak GEN S. L. Bai . F INC 127917 K. Ramiah M IND 43252
Andhra Pradesh 34 Nizamabad GEN M.N. Reddy M IND 149632 H.C. Heda M INC 79387
Andhra Pradesh 35 Adilabad GEN P.G. Reddy M INC 160494 D.S. Rao M CPI 86244
Andhra Pradesh 36 Peddapalli (SC) M.R. Krishna M INC 155550 Palanivelu M IND 83355
Andhra Pradesh 37 Karimnagar GEN J. R. Rao M INC 87933 V. Iswaraiah M IND 85757
Andhra Pradesh 38 Warangal GEN R. S. Reddy. M INC 146715 L. S. Raju M BJS 76770
Andhra Pradesh 39 Khammam GEN T. Lakshmikantamma M INC 200534 M. K. Rao M CPM 89206
Andhra Pradesh 40 Nalgonda GEN M. Y. Salim M INC 169953 B. D. Hiksham M CPI 77675
Andhra Pradesh 41 Miryalguda GEN G. S, Reddy M INC 164336 D. V. Rao M CPI 122292
Assam 1 Cachar GEN J. Chanda M INC 89713 A. F. G. Osmani M IND 43203
Assam 2 Karimganj (SC) N. R. Laskar M INC 171048 M. Choudhury M IND 94125
Assam 3 Autonomous District (ST) G. G. Swell M AHL 112492 B. G. Momin M INC 70819
Assam 4 Dhubri GEN J. Ahmed M PSP 144141 A. Ali M INC 77833
Assam 5 Kokrajhar GEN R. Brahma M INC 55164 A.Basynatary M IND 24184
Assam By Polls (1968) Kokrajhar GEN D. B.Matary M INC 62565 B.P.Rabha M CPI 17160
Assam 6 Barpeta GEN F. A. Ahmed M INC 173240 P. L. Choudhury M BJS 114920
Assam 7 Gauhati GEN D. Kalita M CPI 90208 R. D. Barkataki M INC 88658
Assam 8 Mangaldoi GEN N. Barua M PSP 107718 D. D. Das M INC 70718
Assam 9 Tezpur GEN B. C. Bhagavati M INC 144347 G. Mahanta M PSP 82872
Assam 10 Nowgong GEN L. Keteki M INC 103752 K. Bora M CPI 57086
Assam 11 Kaliabor GEN B. Barua M INC 106672 K. Bezbaruah M SSP 58783
Assam 12 Jorhat GEN R. Barua M INC 92519 M. C. Barua M PSP 47741
Assam 13 Lakhimpur GEN B. Sastri. M INC 102739 S. Goswami M CPI 49053
Assam 14 Dibrugarh GEN J. N. Hazarika M INC 77657 A. K. Sarma M SSP 54760
Bihar 1 Bagaha (SC) B. Raut M INC 93073 Vidyakishore M SSP 42363
Bihar 2 Motihari GEN B. Misra M INC 86765 A. Kuer M PSP 51581
Bihar 3 Bettiah GEN K. N. Tiwari M INC 78294 J. K. Shukla M SSP 32811
Bihar 4 Gopalganj GEN D. N. Tiwary M INC 71957 C. Singh M SSP 68941
Bihar 5 Siwan GEN M. Yusuf M INC 98206 H. Singh M SSP 72429
Bihar 6 Chapra GEN R. P. Singh M INC 83267 H. P. Yadav M SSP 55058
Bihar 7 Maharajganj GEN M. P. Singh M INC 96212 I. Sinha M CPI 78968
Bihar 8 Kesaria GEN K. M. Madhukar M CPI 120795 B. P. Yadav M INC 117134
Bihar 9 Hajipur GEN V. Chaudhary M INC 100645 S. Rai M SSP 72115
Bihar 10 Muzaffarpur GEN D. N. Singh M INC 145929 R. Sahni M SSP 108700
Bihar 11 Sitamarhi GEN N.P. Yadav M INC 141337 T. Y. K. Singh M SSP 140820
Bihar 12 Pupari GEN S. P. Sahu M INC 128966 K. P. Singh M SWA 49988
Bihar 13 Jainagar GEN B. Jha M CPI 154080 S. Das M INC 98307
Bihar 14 Madhubani GEN S. C. Jha M SSP 83690 Y. Jha M INC 67283
Bihar 15 Samastipur GEN Y. P. Mandal M INC 128148 C. L. Rai M SSP 96476
Bihar 16 Darbhanga GEN S. N. Sinha M INC 143335 D. Podar M SSP 90262
Bihar 17 Rosera (SC) K. Paswan M SSP 124908 R. Sahu M INC 113520
Bihar 18 Saharsa GEN G. Thakur M SSP 124018 L. Choudhury M INC 119399
Bihar 19 Madhepura GEN B. P. Mandal M SSP 145911 K. K. Mandal M INC 108485
Bihar By Polls (1968) Madhepura GEN B.P.Mandal M IND 94558 K.K.Mandal M SSP 60588
Bihar 20 Araria (SC) T. M. Ram M INC 119954 J. Ram M BJS 49305
Bihar 21 Kishanganj GEN L. L. Kapoor M PSP 84834 M. Tahir M INC 50551
Bihar 22 Purnia GEN P. G. S. Gupta M INC 73842 B. Gupta M SSP 69222
Bihar 23 Katihar GEN S. Keshari M INC 58776 P. Gupta M PSP 57803
Bihar 24 Rajmahal (ST) I. Marandi M INC 41515 R. S. Besra M SSP 35110
Bihar 25 Godda GEN P. H. Singhka M INC 81560 S. Tulsiyan M BJS 59698
Bihar 26 Dumka (ST) S. C. Besra M INC 60108 B. Marandi M CPI 48068
Bihar 27 Banka GEN B. S. Sharma M BJS 81297 S. Devi F INC 63730
Bihar 28 Bhagalpur GEN B. J. Azad M INC 110377 R. Tewary M CPI 75563
Bihar 29 Monghyr GEN L. M. Ramchandra M SSP 168111 C. S. Singh M INC 71427
Bihar 30 Jamui (SC) N. T. Das M INC 127018 B. Manjhi M CPI 112166
Bihar 31 Khagaria GEN K. Singh M SSP 205253 J. L. Mandal M INC 109008
Bihar 32 Begusarai GEN Y. Sharma M CPI 180883 M. P. Mishra M INC 92181
Bihar 33 Nalanda GEN S. Prasad M INC 148410 K. N. P. Singh M BJS 70317
Bihar 34 Barh GEN T. Sinha M INC 107020 R. L. Chandapuri M PSP 79566
Bihar 35 Patna GEN R. A. Shastri M CPI 148963 R. D. Sinha M INC 66822
Bihar 36 Shahabad GEN B. Bhagat M INC 129407 S. N. Singh M SSP 122180
Bihar 37 Buxar GEN R. S. Singh M INC 94032 R. Singh M SSP 59809
Bihar 38 Bikramganj GEN S. Shastry M SSP 150426 H. Misra M INC 95510
Bihar 39 Sasaram (SC) J. Ram M INC 149355 S. Ram M PSP 38689
Bihar 40 Aurangabad GEN M. Singh M INC 96335 M. Singh M SSP 38656
Bihar 41 Jahanabad GEN C. S. Singh M CPI 112287 S. Devi F INC 60875
Bihar 42 Nawada GEN M. S. P. N. Puri M IND 110766 G. P. Sinha M INC 90546
Bihar 43 Gaya (SC) R. Das M INC 70950 S. Prasad M SSP 36962
Bihar 44 Chatra GEN V. Raje M IND 66329 S. P. Bhadani M INC 44350
Bihar 45 Giridih GEN A. I. Ahmad M INC 70219 M. S. Oberay M IND 66388
Bihar 46 Dhanbad GEN L. R. Lakshmi M JKD 68034 A. P. Sharma M INC 47767
Bihar 47 Hazaribagh GEN B. N. Singh M IND 83618 D. Pandey M INC 63860
Bihar By Polls (1968) Hazaribagh GEN M.S.Oberoi M JAP 75101 R.N.Sharma M INC 29035
Bihar 48 Ranchi GEN P. K. Ghosh M INC 33257 A. N. S. Sinha M BJS 29090
Bihar 49 Jamshedpur GEN S. C. Prasad M INC 75219 U. Mishra M CPI 34517
Bihar 50 Singhbhum (ST) K. Birua M IND 31254 M.L. Soy M BJS 27627
Bihar 51 Khunti (ST) J. Singh M INC 46737 P. Kachchap M IND 41460
Bihar By Polls (1970) Khunti GEN N.E.Horo M IND 73751 K.Munda M BJS 53541
Bihar 52 Lohardaga (ST) K. Doraon M INC 62260 S. Baraik M BJS 28774
Bihar 53 Palamu (SC) K. Kumari F INC 92686 J. Ram M SSP 50922
Gujarat 1 Kutch GEN T.M. Sheth M INC 106853 H. Vijayrajji M SWA 100178
Gujarat 2 Surendranagar GEN Meghrajji M SWA 169191 V.J. Dagli M INC 97190
Gujarat 3 Rajkot GEN M.R. Masani M SWA 128537 V. Patel M INC 122061
Gujarat 4 Jamnagar GEN N. Dandekar M SWA 111636 M.M. Shah M INC 98603
Gujarat 5 Junagadh GEN V.J. Shah M SWA 108303 C.R. Raja M INC 97417
Gujarat 6 Amreli GEN J.V. Shah M INC 117812 N.C. Shah M PSP 68224
Gujarat 7 Bhavnagar GEN J.N. Mehta M INC 91993 S.K. Gohil M SWA 86900
Gujarat By Polls (1967) Bhavnagar GEN P.M.Mehta M INC 78084 U.N.Mehinda M SWA 59442
Gujarat 8 Dhandhuka GEN R.K. Amin M SWA 148372 P.B. Patwari M INC 117714
Gujarat 9 Ahmedabad GEN I.Yagnik M IND 179844 S.R. Vasavada M INC 95047
Gujarat 10 Gandhinagar (SC) S.M. Solanki M INC 156148 K.U. Parmar M RPI 126308
Gujarat 11 Mehsana GEN R.J. Amin M SWA 191205 S.P. Patel M INC 154259
Gujarat 12 Patan (SC) D.R. Parmar M SWA 140754 S.R. Solanki M INC 125753
Gujarat 13 Banaskantha GEN M. Amersey M SWA 110028 G.G. Mehta M INC 105621
Gujarat By Polls (1969) Banaskantha GEN S.K.Patil M INC 142175 M.Amersey M SWA 42026
Gujarat 14 Sabarkantha GEN C.C. Desai M SWA 151011 P.K. Japee M INC 106212
Gujarat 15 Dohad (ST) B.R. Parmar M INC 113926 L.B. Patel M SWA 105842
Gujarat 16 Godhra GEN P.H. Mody M SWA 122813 M.M. Gandhi M INC 98364
Gujarat 17 Kaira GEN P.N. Solanki M SWA 163997 D.D. Desai M INC 136257
Gujarat 18 Anand GEN N.R. Mahida M INC 181894 H.M. Patel M INC 160672
Gujarat 19 Baroda GEN P.C. Patel M SWA 152903 N.D. Choksi M INC 130586
Gujarat 20 Dabhoi GEN M.M. Patel M INC 159453 P.K. Patel M SWA 131864
Gujarat 21 Bharuch GEN M.B. Rana M INC 134148 U.N. Mahida M SWA 96291
Gujarat 22 Surat GEN M.R. Desai M INC 163836 J.D. Chauhan M IND 40928
Gujarat 23 Mandvi (ST) C.M. Kedaria M INC 143412 A.D. Chaudhari M SWA 81675
Gujarat 24 Bulsar (ST) N.N. Patel M INC 185241 G.B. Patel M SWA 89535
Haryana 1 Ambala (SC) S. Bhan M BJS 128003 P. Wati M INC 119303
Haryana 2 Karnal GEN M. Ram M INC 168204 R. Nand M BJS 168001
Haryana 3 Kaithal GEN G.L. Nanda M INC 180770 I. Singh M SWA 153760
Haryana 4 Rohtak GEN R. Singh M INC 176258 R. Sarup M BJS 120662
Haryana 5 Jhajjar GEN S. Singh M INC 209492 M. Parshad M IND 67401
Haryana 6 Gurgaon GEN A. Gani M IND 88326 G. Singh M INC 87018
Haryana 7 Mahendragarh GEN G. Singh M INC 93903 M. Chand M BJS 47165
Haryana 8 Hisar GEN R. Kishan M INC 115963 M. Ram M SSP 108784
Haryana 9 Sirsa (SC) D. Singh M INC 193919 T. Singh M IND 34638
Jammu And Kashmir 1 Baramulla GEN S.A. Agha M INC 101769 A.G. Malik M JKN 81254
Jammu And Kashmir 2 Srinagar GEN B.G. Mohamad M JKN 59415 A.M. Tariq M INC 50179
Jammu And Kashmir 3 Anantnag GEN M.S. Qureshi M INC Uncontested
Jammu And Kashmir 4 Ladakh GEN K. Bakula M INC Uncontested
Jammu And Kashmir 5 Udhampur GEN G.S. Brigadier M INC 134684 B. Singh M BJS 77806
Jammu And Kashmir By Polls (1967) Udhampur GEN Dr. K.Singh M INC 257329 D.Dass M IND 8064
Jammu And Kashmir 6 Jammu GEN I.J. Malhotra M INC 139036 A. Rehman M BJS 80868
Madhya Pradesh 1 Morena (SC) Atamdas M IND 118167 S. Prasad M INC 37858
Madhya Pradesh 2 Bhind GEN Y.S. Kushwah M BJS 137586 V. Singh M INC 66377
Madhya Pradesh 3 Gwalior GEN R. Avtar M BJS 193614 Vaidehicharan M INC 45147
Madhya Pradesh 4 Guna GEN V.R. Scindhia M SWA 231186 D.K. Jadhav M INC 44997
Madhya Pradesh By Polls (1967) Guna GEN J.B.Kripalani M SWA 182585 S.Joshi M INC 44107
Madhya Pradesh 5 Tikamgarh (SC) N. Ram M INC 111230 R. Das M IND 44252
Madhya Pradesh 6 Satna GEN D.V. Singh M INC 132260 V.B.S. Deo M BJS 95681
Madhya Pradesh 7 Rewa GEN S.N. Shukla M INC 140468 M. Singh M SSP 82629
Madhya Pradesh 8 Shahdol (ST) G. Kumari F INC 117146 S. Singh M BJS 19342
Madhya Pradesh 9 Sidhi GEN B.P. Singh M INC 132069 R.S. Tiwari M PSP 49686
Madhya Pradesh 10 Surguja (ST) B. Singh M INC 63385 S. Ram M BJS 52958
Madhya Pradesh 11 Raigarh (ST) R. Gandha M INC 104980 Narhariprasad M BJS 75834
Madhya Pradesh 12 Janjgir (SC) Minimata M INC 136589 S.Lal M BJS 55349
Madhya Pradesh 13 Bilaspur GEN Amarsingh M INC 98430 Madanlal M BJS 96889
Madhya Pradesh 14 Mahasamund GEN V. Shukla M INC 103885 D. Singh M BJS 37799
Madhya Pradesh 15 Raipur GEN L. Gupta M INC 103863 J. B. Kriplani M JAC 79448
Madhya Pradesh 16 Kanker (ST) T.L.P. Shah M BJS 90460 S. Devi F INC 86937
Madhya Pradesh 17 Bastar (ST) J. Sundarlal M IND 53798 R. Jhadoo M BJS 36531
Madhya Pradesh 18 Durg GEN V.Y. Tamaskar M INC 108498 M. Bakaliwal M IND 74180
Madhya Pradesh By Polls (1970) Durg GEN C.Chandrakar M NCJ 90406 M.Tewari M SSP 35108
Madhya Pradesh 19 Rajnandgaon GEN P. Devi F INC 132444 P. Roy M CPI 46004
Madhya Pradesh 20 Balaghat GEN C.R. Gautam M INC 125540 R. Bhanware M RPI 48323
Madhya Pradesh 21 Mandla (ST) M. Uikey M INC 67390 Dhokalsing M PSP 33569
Madhya Pradesh 22 Jabalpur GEN G. Das M INC 139427 S. Chandra M BJS 74697
Madhya Pradesh 23 Damoh GEN M.J.B. Patel M INC 127111 W. Shastri M BJS 67490
Madhya Pradesh 24 Sagar (SC) Ramsingh M BJS 112943 S. Rai M INC 112646
Madhya Pradesh 25 Chhindwara GEN G.R. Mishra M INC 86171 H.S. Agarwal M BJS 38188
Madhya Pradesh 26 Betul GEN S.N. Kumar M INC 102661 R.S.D. Prasad M BJS 88762
Madhya Pradesh 27 Hoshangabad GEN C.N.S. Daulatsingh M INC 131271 K.H. Vishnu M PSP 108961
Madhya Pradesh 28 Bhopal GEN J.R. Joshi M BJS 138698 M. Sultan M INC 94767
Madhya Pradesh 29 Vidisha GEN S. Sharma M BJS 158105 R. Pandey M INC 93168
Madhya Pradesh 30 Shajapur GEN P. Baboorao M BJS 133652 L. Joshi M INC 93748
Madhya Pradesh 31 Ujjain (SC) Hukumchand M BJS 176171 D. Suryavanshi M INC 120840
Madhya Pradesh 32 Indore GEN P.C. Sethi M INC 134468 H. Daji M IND 100350
Madhya Pradesh 33 Dhar (ST) Bharatsingh M BJS 133435 Jamunadevi F INC 112925
Madhya Pradesh 34 Khandwa GEN G. Dikshit M INC 125236 M. Bhatt M BJS 123538
Madhya Pradesh 35 Khargone GEN S.C.K. Bajpai M INC 113236 R.V. Bade M BJS 104072
Madhya Pradesh 36 Jhabua (ST) Sursingh M INC 87419 Sadi M SSP 59034
Madhya Pradesh 37 Mandsaur GEN K.S. Singh M BJS 148654 Manaklal M INC 119863
Madras 1 Madras North GEN K. Manoharan M DMK 227783 S. C. C. A. Pillai M INC 166449
Madras 2 Madras South GEN C. N. Annadurai M DMK 248099 K. Gurumurti M INC 166121
Madras By Polls (1967) Madras South GEN M. Maran M DMK 241304 Ramaswamy C.R M INC 135596
Madras 3 Sriperumbudur (SC) P. Sivasankaran M DMK 271528 K. Sambandan M INC 169763
Madras 4 Chingleput GEN C. C. Babu M DMK 255845 D. V. Alagesan M INC 150114
Madras 5 Tiruttani GEN S. K. Sambandhan M DMK 225229 A. Krishnaswamy M INC 149680
Madras 6 Vellore (SC) Kuchelar M DMK 203887 A. Jayaraman M INC 134155
Madras 7 Tiruppattur GEN R. M. Gounder M DMK 188309 T. A. Wahid M INC 159078
Madras 8 Wandiwash GEN G. Viswanathan M DMK 213537 M. K. Gounder M INC 132878
Madras 9 Tindivanam GEN T. D. R. Naidu M DMK 201009 Lakshminarayanan M INC 168939
Madras 10 Cuddalore GEN V. K. Gounder M DMK 225571 S. Radhakrishnan M INC 177598
Madras 11 Chidambaram (SC) V. Mayavan M DMK 205193 L. Elayaperumal M INC 187764
Madras 12 Kallakurichi GEN M. Deiveekan M DMK 193043 K. Parthasarathy M INC 166520
Madras 13 Krishnagiri GEN M. Kamalanathan M DMK 165079 T. S. Pattabiraman M INC 146785
Madras 14 Salem GEN K. Rajaram M DMK 219380 R. Ramakrishnan M INC 155871
Madras 15 Mettur GEN S. Kandappan M DMK 184004 G. Venkatraman M INC 127159
Madras 16 Tiruchengode GEN K. Anbazhagan M DMK 232365 T. M. Kaliannan M INC 184114
Madras 17 Nilgiris GEN M. K. N. Gowder M SWA 167712 A. Devi F INC 148010
Madras 18 Coimbatore GEN K. Ramani M CPM 240856 N. Mahalingam M INC 174935
Madras 19 Pollachi GEN Narayanan M DMK 237035 S. K. Paramasivam M INC 155281
Madras 20 Dharapuram (SC) C. T. Dhandapani M DMK 259768 S.R. Arumugham M INC 148902
Madras 21 Gobichettipalayam GEN P. A. Saminathan M DMK 203798 C. Subramaniam M INC 154853
Madras 22 Periyakulam GEN H. Ajmalkhan M SWA 183593 M. Ibrahim M INC 155972
Madras 23 Dindigul GEN N. Anbuchezhian M DMK 260065 T. S. S. Ramachndran M INC 156719
Madras 24 Madurai GEN P. Ramamurti M CPM 261390 S. C. Thevar M INC 155922
Madras 25 Karur GEN M. Gounder M SWA 209380 R. Chettiar M INC 185662
Madras 26 Tiruchirappalli GEN K. A. Nambiar M CPM 202879 V. A. Muthiah M INC 200334
Madras 27 Perambalur (SC) A. Durairasu M DMK 229941 P. K. Ramaswamy M INC 196113
Madras 28 Pudukkottai GEN R. Umanath M CPM 199469 A. N. Chettiar M INC 190087
Madras 29 Kumbakonam GEN S. Era M DMK 213866 C. R. P. Raman M INC 193827
Madras 30 Mayuram (SC) K. Subravelu M DMK 209660 M. Chandrasekhar M INC 157616
Madras 31 Nagapattinam GEN V. Sambasivam M INC 164167 V. P. Chintan M CPM 152948
Madras 32 Thanjavur GEN D.S. Gopalar M DMK 225414 R. Venkataraman M INC 202840
Madras 33 Sivaganga GEN Kiruttinan M DMK 225106 Subramanian M INC 166889
Madras 34 Ramanathapuram GEN M. Sheriff M IND 180392 S. Balakrishnan M INC 148367
Madras 35 Sivakasi GEN P. Ramamoorthy M SWA 194364 P. A.Nadar M INC 162692
Madras 36 Tirunelveli GEN S. Xavier M SWA 186864 A. P. C. Veerabahu M INC 144873
Madras 37 Tenkasi (SC) R. S. Arumugam M INC 166737 Velu M INC 160991
Madras 38 Tiruchendur GEN Santosham M SWA 183053 K. T. Kosalram M INC 182659
Madras 39 Nagercoil GEN A. Nesamony M INC 180265 M. Mathias M SWA 128251
Tamil Nadu By Polls (1969) Nagercoil GEN K.Nadar M INC 249437 Mathias.M M IND 121236
Maharashtra 1 Rajapur GEN N. B. Pai M PSP 126653 S. S. Ajagaonkar M INC 67569
Maharashtra 2 Ratnagiri GEN S. Mukherjee M INC 112138 R. V. Kalaskar M BJS 61699
Maharashtra 3 Kolaba GEN D. K. Kunte M PWP 164464 V. S. Randive M INC 129656
Maharashtra 4 Bombay South GEN G. Fernandes M SSP 147841 S. K. Patil M INC 118407
Maharashtra 5 Bombay South Central GEN S. A.Dange M CPI 142718 H. J. Mahindra M INC 135714
Maharashtra 6 Bombay Central GEN R. D. Bhandare M INC 158060 P. K. Atre M RPI 151108
Maharashtra 7 Bombay North West GEN S. H. Shah M INC 124071 H. R. Gokhale M IND 122707
Maharashtra 8 Bombay North East GEN S. G. Barve M INC 171902 V. K. K. Menon M IND 158733
Maharashtra By Polls (1967) Bombay North East GEN S.T.Govind M INC 156313 V.K.K.Menon M IND 141257
Maharashtra 9 Bhiwandi GEN S. D. Baswant M INC 136904 V. K. Patil M PWP 86030
Maharashtra 10 Dahanu (ST) Y. M. Mukne M INC 109864 C. A. Nandkar M SSP 73924
Maharashtra 11 Nashik GEN B. R. Kavade M INC 155632 B. K. Gaikwad M RPI 119325
Maharashtra 12 Mgaon (ST) Z. M. Kahandole M INC 140167 D. R. More M RPI 130965
Maharashtra 13 Nandurbar (ST) T. H. Gavit M INC 150027 M. B. More M BJS 110560
Maharashtra 14 Dhulia GEN C. A. Patil M INC 164349 Z. B. Patil M PWP 82966
Maharashtra 15 Jalgaon GEN S. S. Samadali M INC 125638 G. R. Garud M PSP 59577
Maharashtra 16 Buldhana GEN S. R. Rane M INC 172178 K. N. Sancheti M BJS 77274
Maharashtra By Polls (1970) Buldhana GEN Y.S.Mahajan M NCJ 218389 D.M.Nikam M NCN 45933
Maharashtra 17 Khamgaon (SC) A. S. Kasture M INC 188450 D. B. Dabhade M RPI 112155
Maharashtra 18 Akola GEN K. M. A. H. Sardarkhan M INC 188248 S. S. Khandare M RPI 141953
Maharashtra 19 Amravati GEN K. G. Deshmukh M INC 162887 R. S. Guwai M RPI 141813
Maharashtra 20 Ramtek GEN A. G. Sonar M INC 183258 R. N. Patil M RPI 77909
Maharashtra 21 Nagpur GEN N. R. Deoghare M INC 129736 A. Bardhan M CPI 97767
Maharashtra 22 Bhandara GEN A. R. Mehata M INC 152206 N. H. Kumbhare M RPI 96334
Maharashtra 23 Chimur GEN R. M. Hajarnawis M INC 123336 H. G. Gajbhiye M RPI 78113
Maharashtra 24 Chanda GEN K. M. Kaushik M IND 139310 Tai Kannamwar M INC 122474
Maharashtra 25 Wardha GEN K. J. Bajaj M INC 144756 V. D. Raje Atram M IND 115652
Maharashtra 26 Yavatmal GEN D. S. Patil M INC 167416 J. B. Dhote M IND 153768
Maharashtra 27 Nanded GEN V. B. Tarodekar M INC 147868 Y. R. Athwale M RPI 99863
Maharashtra 28 Latur (SC) T. D. Kamble M INC 125896 M. Mangaldas M RPI 87222
Maharashtra 29 Parbhani GEN S. S. Deshmukh M INC 115884 S. M. Naik M PWP 89415
Maharashtra 30 Jalna GEN V. N. Jadhav M INC 110423 M. B. Gaikawad M CPI 66873
Maharashtra 31 Aurangabad GEN B. D. Deshmukh M INC 135865 S. G. Sardesai M CPI 52401
Maharashtra 32 Bhir GEN N. R. Patil M CPI 125216 D. M. Mantri M INC 111119
Maharashtra 33 Osmanabad GEN T. A. Patil M INC 162146 H. N. Sonule M RPI 136955
Maharashtra 34 Solapur GEN S. F. Damani M INC 116734 S. M . Dhanashetti M IND 93021
Maharashtra 35 Pandharpur (SC) T. H. Sonavane M INC 159818 N. S. Kambale M RPI 158739
Maharashtra 36 Ahmednagar GEN A. V. Patil M INC 142925 E. L. Bhagwat M CPI 92285
Maharashtra 37 Kopargaon GEN A. P. Shince M INC 138774 P. B. Kadu M CPI 123812
Maharashtra 38 Khed GEN R. K. Khadilkar M INC 157229 B. P. Adhav M SSP 80902
Maharashtra 39 Poona GEN S. M. Joshi M SSP 150696 N. V. Gadgil M INC 137158
Maharashtra 40 Baramati GEN T. S. Jadhav M INC 166392 B. D. Kamble M RPI 71819
Maharashtra 41 Satara GEN Y. B. Chavan M INC 207895 K. P .Pawar M PWP 80059
Maharashtra 42 Karad GEN D. R. Chavan M INC 239362 D. K. Patil M PWP 67940
Maharashtra 43 Sangli GEN S. D. Patil M INC 204185 B. D. Patil M PWP 95293
Maharashtra 44 Hatkanangle GEN M. V. R. C. Bhosale M PWP 189415 S. P. T. Thorat M INC 145138
Maharashtra 45 Kolhapur GEN S. D. Mane M INC 158327 D. S. Narvekar M PWP 125617
Mysore 1 Bidar (SC) R. Veerappa M INC 136413 T. Masaji M RPI 76093
Mysore 2 Gulbarga GEN M. Yeshvantappa M INC 136188 M. Virupakshayya M SWA 77911
Mysore 3 Raichur GEN R. V. Naik M SWA 117272 J. R. Chandriki M INC 105833
Mysore 4 Koppal GEN A. Sanganna M INC 166690 S. S. Alwandi M IND 142088
Mysore 5 Bellary GEN V. K. R. V. Rao M INC 173402 Y. Mahabaleswarappa M SWA 149022
Mysore 6 Chitradurga GEN J. M. Imam M SWA 164548 S. Veerabasappa M INC 132616
Mysore 7 Tumkur GEN K. Lakkappa M PSP 115312 C. R. Basappa M INC 115051
Mysore 8 Madhugiri GEN Malimariyappa M INC 156423 N. C. Thimmareddi M SWA 65256
Mysore By Polls (1968) Madhugiri GEN S.V.Reddy M INC 123530 C.J.Muckannappa M IND 23326
Mysore 9 Kolar (SC) G. Y. Krishnan M INC 131041 Thirumalappa M IND 67152
Mysore 10 Hoskote GEN M. V. Krishnappa M INC 160374 S. A. Reddy M IND 98578
Mysore 11 Bangalore GEN K. Hanumanthiah M INC 130814 T. Subramanya M IND 80194
Mysore 12 Kanakapura GEN M. V. Rajasekharan M INC 121394 M. B. Das M IND 73198
Mysore 13 Mandya GEN M. K. Shivananjappa M INC 192706 J. Devaiah M IND 146222
Mysore By Polls (1968) Mandya GEN S. M.Krishna M PSP 184054 H.D.Chowdiah M INC 120101
Mysore 14 Chamarajanagar (SC) S. M. Siddaiah M INC 108831 N. C. B. Rangaiah M SWA 79854
Mysore 15 Mysore GEN H. D. Tulasidas M INC 108855 B. N. Kengegowda M IND 93566
Mysore 16 Mangalore GEN C. M. Poonacha M INC 125162 K. R. Karanth M IND 96640
Mysore 17 Udupi GEN J. M. L. Prabhu M SWA 122836 S. S. Kolkebail M INC 91526
Mysore 18 Hassan GEN N. Shivappa M SWA 168620 H. Ramaswamy M INC 126168
Mysore 19 Chikmagalur GEN M. Huchegowda M PSP 106812 A. M. Basavegowda M INC 88589
Mysore 20 Shimoga GEN J. H. Patel M SSP 161262 H.S. Rudrappa M INC 135208
Mysore 21 Kanara GEN D. D. Dattatraya M IND 143287 N. G. Vaman M INC 115490
Mysore 22 Dharwar South GEN M. F. Hussensab M INC 147272 C. A. Rahim M PSP 82641
Mysore 23 Dharwar North GEN M. S. Bindurao M INC 169173 J. R. Anantrao M BJS 81743
Mysore 24 Belgaum GEN N. M. Nabisab M INC 192046 K. D. Appa M RPI 69729
Mysore 25 Chikodi (SC) B. Sahankaranand M INC 192986 M. S. Nanasab M RPI 91444
Mysore 26 Bagalkot GEN S. B. Patil M INC 183984 A. D. Tondihal M INC 58304
Mysore 27 Bijapur GEN G. D. Patil M SWA 113208 R. G. Dubey M INC 111104
Mysore By Polls (1968) Bijapur GEN G. B. D. Kadappa M INC 107997 R.B.Patil M SWA 59087
Nagaland 1 Nagaland GEN Chubatoshi M NNO Uncontested
Orissa 1 Mayurbhanj (ST) M. Majhi M SWA 76929 D. C. Tudu M INC 39903
Orissa 2 Balasore GEN S. Kundu M PSP 113022 K. K. Pattanayak M INC 77653
Orissa 3 Bhadrak (SC) D. Jena M IND 104484 B. C. Das M SWA 83387
Orissa 4 Jajpur (SC) B. Behera M PSP 171207 R. C. Mallick M INC 107170
Orissa 5 Kendrapara GEN S. Dwivedy M PSP 220582 S. Mohantty M INC 109185
Orissa 6 Cuttack GEN S. Misra M PSP 103710 B. C. Mohanti M INC 91572
Orissa 7 Puri GEN R. Ray M SSP 143901 B. Misra M INC 84643
Orissa 8 Bhubaneswar GEN C. Panigrahi M INC 79899 P. Patnaik M CPI 59168
Orissa 9 Bhanjanagar GEN A. T. Sarma M INC 69120 D. Panda M CPI 64425
Orissa 10 Chatrapur GEN J. R. Rachakonda M INC 107071 J. Praharaja M SWA 65410
Orissa 11 Koraput (ST) U. Ramachandra M INC 59846 D. Soboro M SWA 56856
Orissa 12 Nowrangpur (ST) K. Pradhani M INC 51163 N. Majhi M SWA 49276
Orissa 13 Kalahandi GEN P. K. Deo M SWA 108336 A. Pattajoshi M INC 49657
Orissa 14 Phulbani (SC) A. Dipa M SWA 64531 T. Naik M INC 42920
Orissa 15 Bolangir GEN R. R. S. Deo M SWA 143083 N. Mishra M INC 60804
Orissa 16 Sambalpur GEN S. Supakar M INC 57349 S. Satpathy M SWA 41587
Orissa 17 Sundargarh (ST) D. Amat M SWA 105272 I. Maghi M INC 60454
Orissa 18 Keonjhar (ST) G. Naik M SWA 79906 K. Naik M INC 39082
Orissa 19 Dhenkanal GEN R.K.P.S.D.M. Bahadur M SWA 144806 M.M. Pradhan M INC 56761
Orissa 20 Angul GEN D. Deblal M SWA 79961 P.G.D.B. Kumar M INC 48440
Punjab 1 Fazilka GEN I. Singh M INC 118948 A. Singh M CPI 92453
Punjab 2 Ferozpur GEN S. Singh M ADS 162198 J. Nath M INC 149558
Punjab By Polls (1969) Ferozpur GEN G.Singh M SAD 111266 J.Singh M INC 58509
Punjab 3 Tarn Taran GEN G.S. Dhillon M INC 161050 R. Singh M ADS 115858
Punjab 4 Amritsar GEN Y.D. Sharma M BJS 104035 S.S. Majithia M INC 92760
Punjab 5 Gurdaspur GEN D. Chand M INC 105971 K. Lal M BJS 83225
Punjab By Polls (1970) Gurdaspur GEN P.Chandra M NCJ 149708 R.S.Sparrow M IND 51229
Punjab 6 Hoshiarpur GEN R. Kishan M INC 95877 J. Singh M BJS 94366
Punjab By Polls (1969) Hoshiarpur GEN J. Singh M BJS 163071 Y.Pal M INC 111232
Punjab 7 Jalandhar GEN S. Singh M INC 122923 S.P. Singh M SWA 91443
Punjab 8 Phillaur (SC) S. Ram M INC 136046 D. Chand M RPI 104760
Punjab 9 Ludhiana GEN D. Singh M INC 132660 M. Singh M ADS 119586
Punjab 10 Ropar (SC) B. Singh M INC 127986 B. Singh M ADS 123914
Punjab 11 Patiala GEN M. Kaur M INC 189825 T. Singh M CPI 79615
Punjab 12 Sangrur GEN N. Kaur M ADS 174371 R. Singh M INC 76159
Punjab 13 Bathinda (SC) K. Singh M ADS 150415 D. Singh M INC 88783
Rajasthan 1 Ganganagar (SC) P. Lal M INC 117966 G. Chand M SWA 61588
Rajasthan 2 Bikaner GEN K. Singh M IND 215636 A. C. Godaara M IND 21820
Rajasthan 3 Jhunjhunu GEN R. K. Birla M SWA 150596 M. R. S. R. Kumar M INC 104023
Rajasthan 4 Sikar GEN S. Saboo M BJS 130945 T. Rameshwar M INC 110837
Rajasthan 5 Jaipur GEN G. Devi M SWA 196892 R. Kasliwal M INC 102641
Rajasthan 6 Dausa GEN R. C. Ganpat M SWA 148239 H. S. Rawat M INC 103148
Rajasthan By Polls (1968) Dausa GEN N.Kishore M INC 96271 P.Raj M SWA 89944
Rajasthan 7 Alwar GEN B. Nath M INC 108117 K. Ram M SSP 73531
Rajasthan 8 Bharatpur GEN B. Singh M IND 210966 R. Bahadur M INC 115873
Rajasthan 9 Hindaun (SC) J. Prasad M INC 140538 N. Singh M SSP 99441
Rajasthan 10 Sawai Madhopur (ST) M. Lal M SWA 163843 R. Bujethia M INC 102426
Rajasthan 11 Ajmer GEN V. N. Bhargava M INC 145823 S. Sharda M BJS 108602
Rajasthan 12 Tonk (SC) J. Lal M SWA 145032 N. Prakash M INC 130225
Rajasthan 13 Kota (SC) Onkarlal M BJS 151258 I. Maghi M INC 125375
Rajasthan 14 Jhalawar GEN B. Singh M BJS 143882 N. Mal M INC 62649
Rajasthan 15 Banswara (ST) Hirji M INC 173577 Vijaypal M SWA 140948
Rajasthan 16 Udaipur (ST) Dhuleshwar M INC 182502 Hurma M SWA 116996
Rajasthan 17 Chittorgarh GEN O. L. Bohra M INC 117821 B. N. Sharma M BJS 82720
Rajasthan 18 Bhilwara GEN R. Chandra M INC 135466 Umashanker M BJS 56030
Rajasthan 19 Pali GEN S. K. Tapuriah M SWA 147509 H. Chandra M INC 121438
Rajasthan 20 Jalore GEN D. Patodia M SWA 117468 S. Mehta M INC 108092
Rajasthan 21 Barmer GEN A. Nahta M INC 118410 T. Singh M SWA 88477
Rajasthan 22 Jodhpur GEN N. K. Sanghi M INC 152016 L. M. Singhvi M INC 131668
Rajasthan 23 Nagaur GEN N. Kumar M SWA 167326 O. Singh M INC 143530
Uttar Pradesh 1 Tehri Garhwal GEN M. M. Shah M INC 75781 G. Singh M CPI 34887
Uttar Pradesh 2 Garhwal GEN B. Darshan M INC 89060 R. Sundriyal M SWA 29137
Uttar Pradesh 3 Almora GEN J. B. Singh M INC 59388 G. Singh M BJS 48754
Uttar Pradesh 4 Nainital GEN K. C. Pant M INC 91048 D. K. Pande M IND 57189
Uttar Pradesh 5 Bijnor (SC) S. R. Nand M INC 103874 S. Ram M BJS 71093
Uttar Pradesh 6 Amroha GEN I. Sambhali M CPI 70306 R. Singh M BJS 66249
Uttar Pradesh 7 Moradabad GEN O. P. T. Pursharthi M BJS 78497 M. S. Fakhri M INC 51192
Uttar Pradesh 8 Rampur GEN N. S. Z. A. Khan M SWA 168447 S. Ketu M BJS 119548
Uttar Pradesh 9 Budaun GEN O. Singh M BJS 110341 A. Harvani M INC 54670
Uttar Pradesh 10 Aonla GEN S. Shyam M INC 84151 B.R. Singh M BJS 83019
Uttar Pradesh 11 Bareilly GEN B. B. Lal M BJS 112698 S. Chandra M INC 72050
Uttar Pradesh 12 Pilibhit GEN M. Swaroop M PSP 70927 M. S. H. Khan M INC 66823
Uttar Pradesh 13 Shahjahanpur GEN P. K. Khanna M INC 40031 M. S. Khan M IND 36949
Uttar Pradesh 14 Kheri GEN B. Verma M INC 77369 Y. D. Singh M BJS 76022
Uttar Pradesh 15 Shahabad GEN J. B. Singh M BJS 83811 N. R. Prasad M INC 82298
Uttar Pradesh 16 Sitapur GEN S. Nand M BJS 102742 Jagannath M INC 76668
Uttar Pradesh 17 Misrikh (SC) S. Prasad M INC 70476 G. Prasad M BJS 65542
Uttar Pradesh 18 Hardoi (SC) K. Lal M INC 81126 P. Lal M BJS 63571
Uttar Pradesh 19 Lucknow GEN A. N. Mulla M IND 92535 V. R. Mohan M INC 71563
Uttar Pradesh 20 Mohanlalganj (SC) G. Devi M INC 90283 R. Baksh M BJS 54479
Uttar Pradesh 21 Unnao GEN K. Dev M INC 93820 K. Singh M PSP 59434
Uttar Pradesh 22 Rae Bareli GEN I. N. Gandhi M INC 143602 B. C. Seth M IND 51899
Uttar Pradesh 23 Pratapgarh GEN R. D. Singh M INC 102825 B. Singh M SSP 81133
Uttar Pradesh 24 Amethi GEN V. D. Bajpai M INC 63231 G. Prasad M BJS 59566
Uttar Pradesh 25 Sultanpur GEN G. Sahai M INC 125453 J. K. Agarwal M BJS 79443
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1969) Sultanpur GEN S. Misra M BKD 48041 K.N.Singh M IND 47792
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1970) Sultanpur GEN K.N.Singh M NCJ 47854 Z.Ullah M MUM 30602
Uttar Pradesh 26 Akbarpur (SC) R. J. Ram M RPI 99198 P.Lal M INC 95672
Uttar Pradesh 27 Faizabad GEN R. K. Sinha M INC 83532 C. B. Agarwala M BJS 66623
Uttar Pradesh 28 Ramsanehighat (SC) B. Kureel M INC 89685 S. Kailash M SSP 76216
Uttar Pradesh 29 Barabanki GEN R. S. Yadav M SSP 118233 H. K. Kidwai M INC 104859
Uttar Pradesh 30 Kaiserganj GEN S. Nayar M BJS 116371 B. Kunwar M SWA 45955
Uttar Pradesh 31 Bahraich GEN K. K. Nayar M BJS 100203 B. L. Agarwal M INC 53571
Uttar Pradesh 32 Balrampur GEN A. Behari M BJS 142446 S. Joshi M INC 110704
Uttar Pradesh 33 Gonda GEN S. Kripalani M INC 104904 K. D. R. Pandey M SWA 93243
Uttar Pradesh 34 Basti (SC) S. Narain M INC 88637 R. Piarey M BJS 69847
Uttar Pradesh 35 Domariyaganj GEN N. S. Sharma M BJS 128569 K. D. Malviya M INC 98577
Uttar Pradesh 36 Khalilabad GEN R. Singh M BJS 124489 K. Shanker M INC 102844
Uttar Pradesh 37 Bansgaon (SC) Molahu M SSP 89770 M. Prasad M INC 81164
Uttar Pradesh 38 Gorakhpur GEN D. V. Nath M IND 121490 S. L. Saxena M INC 78775
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1970) Gorakhpur GEN A.Nath M IND 57001 B.Chaturvedi M NCJ 37064
Uttar Pradesh 39 Maharajganj GEN M. Prasad M INC 94864 R. Ratan M BJS 48137
Uttar Pradesh 40 Padrauna GEN K. N. Pandey M INC 102527 Rameshwar M BJS 89112
Uttar Pradesh 41 Deoria GEN B. Rai M INC 106557 Rameshwar M SSP 71578
Uttar Pradesh 42 Salempur GEN V. Pandey M INC 86702 R. Naresh M SSP 62401
Uttar Pradesh 43 Ballia GEN C. Prasad M INC 64643 Rameshwar M SSP 44930
Uttar Pradesh 44 Ghosi GEN J. Bahadur M CPI 68850 P. B. B. Misra M INC 64562
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1968) Ghosi GEN Jharkhandev M CPI 66748 K.D.Malviya M INC 61550
Uttar Pradesh 45 Azamgarh GEN C. Jeet M INC 88690 V. Rai M SSP 67537
Uttar Pradesh 46 Lalganj (SC) R. Dhan M INC 96084 V. Prasad M SSP 59226
Uttar Pradesh 47 Machhlishahr GEN Mageshwar M INC 111377 Y. D. Dubey M BJS 80502
Uttar Pradesh 48 Jaunpur GEN R. Deo M INC 162644 K. Shripal M BJS 79569
Uttar Pradesh 49 Saidpur (SC) S. Nath M INC 79201 R. J. Ram M BJS 65764
Uttar Pradesh 50 Ghazipur GEN S. Pandey M CPI 94266 V. S. Gahmari M INC 91026
Uttar Pradesh 51 Chandauli GEN Nihal M SSP 84409 T. Narain M INC 82814
Uttar Pradesh 52 Varanasi GEN S. N. Singh M CPM 105784 R. Singh M INC 87617
Uttar Pradesh 53 Robertsganj (SC) R. Swarup M INC 108240 Sarbajit M BJS 90864
Uttar Pradesh 54 Mirzapur GEN V. Narain M BJS 111512 S. Misra M INC 94241
Uttar Pradesh 55 Phulpur GEN V. L. Pandit M INC 95306 Janeshwar M SSP 59123
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1969) Phulpur GEN J.Misra M SSP 83855 K.D.Malviya M INC 61550
Uttar Pradesh 56 Allahabad GEN H. Krishna M INC 114131 S. Jaiswal M SSP 97587
Uttar Pradesh 57 Chail (SC) M. Din M INC 85916 C.C. Lal M IND 59982
Uttar Pradesh 58 Fatehpur GEN S.B. Singh M INC 101649 B.L. Verma M IND 76092
Uttar Pradesh 59 Banda GEN Jageshwar M CPI 66042 A.P. Misra M BJS 58573
Uttar Pradesh 60 Hamirpur GEN S.B. Ji M BJS 138382 M.L. Dwivedi M INC 79257
Uttar Pradesh 61 Jhansi GEN S. Nayar M INC 103073 R. Khera M BJS 65695
Uttar Pradesh 62 Jalaun (SC) C.R. Sewak M INC 124040 P.L. Ahirwar M BJS 99927
Uttar Pradesh 63 Ghatampur (SC) T. Ram M INC 98771 M. Lal M SSP 90233
Uttar Pradesh 64 Bilhaur GEN S. Rohtagi M INC 81936 B. Singh M PSP 65289
Uttar Pradesh 65 Kanpur GEN S.M. Banerji M IND 77882 G. Dutt M INC 71365
Uttar Pradesh 66 Etawah GEN A. Singh M SSP 106857 G.N. Dixit M INC 61509
Uttar Pradesh 67 Kannauj GEN R.M. Lohia M SSP 93578 S.N. Misra M INC 93106
Uttar Pradesh 68 Farrukhabad GEN A.C. Singh M INC 99835 D.R. Shakya M BJS 75147
Uttar Pradesh 69 Mainpuri GEN M. Singh M INC 74952 P.S. Chauhan M BJS 44864
Uttar Pradesh 70 Kasganj GEN M.A. Khan M INC 93928 S. Chandra M BJS 87829
Uttar Pradesh 71 Etah GEN Rohanlal M INC 102847 R. Singh M BJS 87464
Uttar Pradesh 72 Firozabad (SC) S.C. Lal M SSP 83638 C. Ambesh M INC 70357
Uttar Pradesh 73 Agra GEN S.A. Singh M INC 95828 H. Rani M BJS 68095
Uttar Pradesh 74 Mathura GEN G.S.S.A.B. Singh M IND 172785 D.S. Chaudhary M INC 88354
Uttar Pradesh By Polls (1970) Mathura GEN D.S.Chaudhary M BKD 55036 M.Ram M SSP 29280
Uttar Pradesh 75 Hathras (SC) N, Deo M INC 87947 C.P. Sheilani M IND 80828
Uttar Pradesh 76 Aligarh GEN S.K. Shastri M IND 77284 R.M. Pratap M IND 58730
Uttar Pradesh 77 Khurja (SC) R. Charan M PSP 86416 K.L. Bajmiki M INC 85399
Uttar Pradesh 78 Bulandshahr GEN S.P. Singh M INC 91351 S.P. Gautam M RPI 70695
Uttar Pradesh 79 Hapur GEN P.V. Shastri M IND 149943 B.P. Mourya M RPI 101875
Uttar Pradesh 80 Meerut GEN M.S. Bharti M SSP 146172 S. Khan M INC 107276
Uttar Pradesh 81 Baghpat GEN R.S. Shastri M IND 154518 K.C. Sharma M INC 66960
Uttar Pradesh 82 Muzaffarnagar GEN L.A. Khan M CPI 74755 B. Swarup M IND 63153
Uttar Pradesh 83 Kairana GEN G.A. Khan M SSP 76415 A.P. Jain M INC 74750
Uttar Pradesh 84 Saharanpur (SC) S. Lal M INC 120891 S. Singh M SSP 83239
Uttar Pradesh 85 Dehra Dun GEN K.Y. Singh M IND 151465 M. Tyagi M INC 111353
West Bengal 1 Cooch Behar (SC) B. K. D. Chowdhury M FBL 167971 P. C. Barman M INC 124135
West Bengal 2 Jalpaiguri (ST) B. N. Katham M INC 121613 A. H. Besterwitch M IND 104725
West Bengal 3 Darjeeling GEN M. Basu M IND 97476 T. Manaen M INC 95645
West Bengal 4 Raiganj GEN C. K. Bhattacharyya M INC 70743 N.K. Bose M FBL 69753
West Bengal 5 Balurghat (SC) J.N.Pramanik M INC 130379 D. P. Kanti M CPM 106930
West Bengal 6 Malda GEN U. Roy M INC 123105 S. K. Misra M IND 95356
West Bengal 7 Jangipur GEN H. L. Haque M INC 130927 J. Gupta M IND 79238
West Bengal 8 Murshidabad GEN S. Badrudduja M IND 141402 M. K. Bukhsh M INC 126436
West Bengal 9 Berhampore GEN T. Chaudhuri M IND 155789 D. Sinha M INC 147161
West Bengal 10 Krishnanagar GEN H. Chattopadhyay M IND 155309 C. P. Mukherjee M INC 122512
West Bengal By Polls (1968) Krishnanagar GEN I.P.Chaoudhuri M INC 134361 S.S.Sanyal M IND 92396
West Bengal 11 Nabadwip (SC) P. R. Thakur. M BAC 215463 J. C. Biswas M INC 136367
West Bengal 12 Barasat GEN R. N. Sen M CPI 143883 A. C. Guha M INC 111312
West Bengal 13 Basirhat GEN H. Kabir M BAC 240491 A. K. M. Ishaque M INC 98852
West Bengal By Polls (1970) Basirhat GEN S.A.Ali M BAC 86593 K.A.Makkar M PML 74555
West Bengal 14 Joynagar (SC) C. Roy M IND 157545 P. Koyal M INC 128474
West Bengal 15 Mathurapur (SC) K. Haldar M CPI 185300 P. S. Naskar M INC 172185
West Bengal 16 Diamond Harbour GEN J. Basu M CPM 196176 S. B. Das M INC 125202
West Bengal 17 Alipore GEN I. Gupta M CPI 121694 P. Sarkar M INC 121107
West Bengal 18 Barrackpore GEN M. Ismail M CPM 162231 R. Chakraborty M CPI 136319
West Bengal 19 Calcutta North West GEN A. K. Sen M INC 154664 S. P. Roy M IND 89838
West Bengal 20 Calcutta North East GEN H. Mukherjee M CPI 130600 B. C. Paul M INC 116457
West Bengal 21 Calcutta South GEN G. Ghosh M CPM 155574 B. B. Ghosh M INC 116287
West Bengal 22 Howrah GEN K. K. Chatterjee M INC 176469 S. Mukherjee M CPM 134175
West Bengal 23 Uluberia GEN J. K. Mondal M INC 143787 S. P. Bhattacharyya M CPM 125762
West Bengal 24 Serampore GEN B. Ghosh M INC 160662 D. N. Bhattacharya M CPM 137826
West Bengal 25 Hooghly GEN B. K. Modak M CPM 198229 P. K. Palit M INC 188659
West Bengal 26 Arambagh GEN A. Bose M FBL 208724 S. Choudhury M INC 126702
West Bengal 27 Ghatal GEN G. Parimal M INC 138572 P. Kar M CPI 109662
West Bengal 28 Tamluk GEN S. C. Samanta M BAC 278623 G. Bhowmik M INC 128299
West Bengal 29 Contai GEN G. Samar M PSP 165472 R. Pal M INC 148303
West Bengal 30 Midnapore GEN S. N. Maity M BAC 185407 G. K. Singha M INC 142124
West Bengal By Polls (1969) Midnapore GEN V.K.K.Menon M BAC 187850 K.D.Roy M INC 81083
West Bengal 31 Jhargram (ST) A. K. Kisku. M BAC 160399 S. C. Hansda M INC 114633
West Bengal 32 Purulia GEN B. Mahato M IND 120189 S. Mahato M INC 88784
West Bengal 33 Bankura GEN J. M. Biswas M CPI 120590 A. Ghose M INC 90820
West Bengal 34 Vishnupur (SC) P. Mondal M INC 148024 M. M. Mallick M BAC 106834
West Bengal 35 Ausgram (SC) B. Das M CPM 152904 D. M. Mohan M INC 144046
West Bengal 36 Asansol GEN D. Sen M SSP 99276 J. N. Mukhopadhyay M INC 92284
West Bengal 37 Burdwan GEN N. C. Chatterjee M IND 143015 C. Chittaranjan M INC 106929
West Bengal 38 Katwa GEN D. Sen M INC 161274 S. K. Mukherjee M CPM 150319
West Bengal 39 Bolpur GEN A. K. Chanda M INC 131761 S. Roy M CPM 118129
West Bengal 40 Birbhum (SC) S. K. Saha M INC 83696 G. Bauri M FBL 51479
Kerala 1 Kasaragod GEN A. K. Gopalan M CPM 206480 T. V. C. Nair M INC 87970
Kerala 2 Tellicherry GEN P. Gopalan M CPM 221374 T. M. Abdulla M INC 137062
Kerala 3 Badagara GEN A. Sreedharan M SSP 215597 M. K. Prabhakaran M INC 115094
Kerala 4 Kozhikode GEN E. S. Sait M MUL 215136 N. K. S. Nair M INC 133263
Kerala 5 Manjeri GEN M. M. Ismail M MUL 198732 A. N. Beevi F INC 91238
Kerala 6 Ponnani (SC) C. K. Chakrapani M CPM 157753 V. Eacharan M INC 94973
Kerala 7 Palghat GEN E. K. Nayanar M CPM 158230 C. S. Devan M INC 90872
Kerala 8 Trichur GEN C. Janardhanan M CPI 180195 K. K. V. Panicker M INC 159326
Kerala 9 Mukundapuram GEN P. G. Menon M INC 175778 C. G. Janardhanan M IND 170440
Kerala By Polls (1970) Mukundapuram GEN A.C.George M NCJ 205130 A.Thayil M IND 183737
Kerala 10 Ernakulam GEN V. V. Menon M CPM 176624 A. M. Thomas M INC 160018
Kerala 11 Muvattupuzha GEN P. P. Esthose M CPM 140403 K. M. Chandy M INC 98249
Kerala 12 Peermade GEN P. K. V. Nair M CPI 142089 P. D. Thommen M SWA 99623
Kerala 13 Kottayam GEN K. M. Abraham M CPM 145571 M. Maniyangadan M INC 96990
Kerala 14 Ambalapuzha GEN S. Gopalan M CPM 176552 P. S. Karthikeyan M INC 126275
Kerala 15 Mavelikkara GEN G. P. Mangalathumadom M SSP 147872 M. P. S. V. Pillai M INC 129178
Kerala 16 Adoor (SC) P. C. Adichan M CPI 179068 R. Achuthan M INC 102670
Kerala 17 Quilon GEN N.S. Nair M IND 207338 A.A. Rahim M INC 127480
Kerala 18 Chirayinkil GEN K. Anirudhan M CPM 157040 R. Sankar M INC 127697
Kerala 19 Trivandrum GEN P. Viswambharan M SSP 153040 G.C. Pillai M INC 148562
Chandigarh 1 Chandigarh GEN C. Goyal M BJS 23939 A. Nath M INC 11323
Dadra And Nagar Haveli 1 Dadra And Nagar Haveli (ST) S. R. Delkar M INC 10654 S. S. Dhanarya M CPM 4248
Delhi 1 New Delhi GEN M.L Sondhi M BJS 82173 M.C. Khanna M INC 57313
Delhi 2 South Delhi GEN B. Madhok M BJS 105611 R. Singh M INC 69290
Delhi 3 Outer Delhi GEN B. Parkash M INC 67017 M. Singh M BJS 57794
Delhi 4 East Delhi GEN H. Devgun M BJS 83261 B. Mohan M INC 77645
Delhi 5 Chandni Chowk GEN R. Gopal M BJS 58928 S. Nath M INC 41778
Delhi 6 Delhi Sadar GEN K. L. Gupta M BJS 73801 A. N. Chawla M INC 64096
Delhi 7 Karol Bagh (SC) R. S. Vidhyarthi M BJS 62292 N. Prabhakar M INC 57798
Goa, Daman And Diu 1 Panaji GEN S. J. Jaganath M IND 56764 K. B. Mangesh M UGS 45810
Goa, Daman And Diu 2 Marmagoa GEN S.E.D Jesus M UGS 54327 S.S. Kavaleker M INC 51775
Himachal Pradesh 1 Mahasu GEN V. Singh M INC 83782 N. Kishore M IND 24272
Himachal Pradesh 2 Shimla (SC) P. Singh M INC 72870 S. Singh M BJS 39740
Himachal Pradesh 3 Hamirpur GEN P. C. Verma M INC 72705 Jagdev M BJS 69462
Himachal Pradesh 4 Kangra GEN H. Raj M INC 44262 S. Kumar M BJS 38860
Himachal Pradesh 5 Chamba GEN V. Chand M INC 39363 B. Parkash M SWA 34502
Himachal Pradesh 6 Mandi GEN L. Sen M INC 62596 I. Singh M IND 28331
Laccadive, Minicoy And Amindivi Islands 1 Laccadive Minicoy And Amindivi (ST) M.S. Padanatha M IND 4151 A. T. Arnakad M IND 3765
Manipur 1 Inner Manipur GEN M. Meghachandra M CPI 91131 R. K. J. Singh M INC 74148
Manipur 2 Outer Manipur (ST) P. Haokip M IND 30403 Rishang M INC 28862
Pondicherry 1 Pondicherry GEN N. Sethuraman M INC 63286 S. Sadagopan M IND 52861
Tripura 1 Tripura West GEN J. K. Choudhury M INC 125965 B. C. Dutta M CPM 92143
Tripura 2 Tripura East (ST) S. M. M. K. B. K. D .Bahadur M INC 129618 D. Deb M CPM 91032